When is the best time to book your next trip?*

When to book your next trip
Travel junkies will know that there’s (sadly) not a bottomless pit of money available when it comes to finding the cash to fund their next adventures. Tempting it may be to go ahead and be a little spontaneous, booking a trip on a whim is no good for your wallet, sorry!

However, there are a few handy hints that make booking a last-minute trip entirely possible, so all is not lost for when the travel bug hits hard! 

1. Check comparison sites for last-minute deals

There are plenty of websites online that are great for doing all the hard work for you when it comes to price comparison. This takes the time and headache away from searching, allowing more time for packing! You can search these sites for last-minute flight and hotel deals which also save cash. Want to hire a car to navigate your way around that city you’re exploring? There are options to do that, too. 

Just make sure that anything you book is ATOL protected, so you get a legitimately good deal with added peace of mind. 

2. Be flexible with time and place 

Having the freedom of being able to go whenever you can afford is an added bonus, but in addition to this, using features like the ‘Take me anywhere’ option on Skyscanner’s website can give you some excellent options for travelling to new and exciting places at a reasonable price at the time of looking. 

Even the time of day and day of the week can impact on the costs of a trip. Typically early flights are cheaper than those in the middle of the day, as are mid-week flights. 

3. Research

It’s likely that the first deal you find won’t be the best one. Shop around before committing to one price. Sometimes something will look like a good deal but will incur extra costs. Look into this before committing. Don’t hang around for too long, though – sometimes the best looking deal for your island adventure is the right one.

As well as looking into the best deals around, it’s also worth remembering that people will often blog about their trips from booking through to the activities they do during their trip and everything in between.

4. Don’t expect too much

As much as it would be a dream to be able to book a transatlantic adventure for the price of a bus journey, it is unlikely to happen, even if you end up booking way out of season. Don’t expect miracles when it comes to booking last-minute deals. 

There might be places closer to home, such a Rome that can to be explored, and can be reached at cheaper prices. 

Although, for the truly adventurous, you could turn up at the airport and purchase an extreme last minute ticket. As well as being an adventure and a half, you can surprise yourself with late sales that some airlines offer. Although it makes packing difficult, it will definitely make for an adventure.

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