How to make a travel scrapbook


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One of the best things about travelling is the great memories that we make and having these on display means we can look back on them again and again. It’s just not the same having photos on your phone! Scrapbooking is a great way to store and display these memories and it’s much more personal than a standard photo album because you’ve made it yourself.

Here’s how to make a travel scrapbook.

Pick your background paper

The background that you choose will dictate the whole feel of the scrapbook so it’s a good place to start. Choose from plain paper, if you want your photos and momentos to do the talking, or choose from lots of different background patterns. I love an old map background for a travel scrapbook.

Scrapbook paper

Choose your photos

First of all you need to decide what your scrapbook is going to showcase. Do you want it to cover your travel over the years, or is there a specific trip that you want to dedicate it to?

You should organise your photos into days of the trip, or group similar elements together. Play around with them on the page until you’re happy with the layout before committing to anything.

Add your mementos

Scrapbooks aren’t just for photos, they can be great for saving your mementos too. Plane tickets, admission tickets, maps, postcards and menus.

Go extra!

Probably the most fun part of making a scrapbook, and the part where you can really show your artistic license and personality, is adding the extras. You can add labels to your photos, photo corners, stamps and extra pictures.

Design Bundles is a great place to find crafting materials. There are thousands of options here, perfect for any scrapbooking or craft project. They have a whole section of their website dedicated to scrapbook designs which includes digital scrapbook kits with everything you need to make yours.

How to make a travel scrapbook


I think it looks better if you stick to a colour theme for each page and keep everything on this page within this them. I think it just looks less messy and more professional that way.

Add your memories

The beauty of a scrapbook is that there is space for both writing and photographs. You can write your memories into each page to bring the photos to life.

Get sticking!

Once you are completely happy with how everything looks in your draft scrapbook layout, you can get sticking everything in place. You’ll want to use a glue stick or double sided tape for your photos and paper items and then a craft glue if you have any plastic or metal items that you wish to stick in.

Each scrapbook is really unique as it comes down to personal taste but these are a few tips to get you started on your first scrapbook. Happy scrapbooking!

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