How to plan a digital detox holiday*

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We all spend way too much time on our phones, laptops and tablets and we’re connected to the outside world 24/7. It’s proven that modern technology is a huge source of stress – I mean, we’ve all felt the pressure of updating our Instagram stories with everything cool that we’re doing, amiright? So sometimes it’s nice to get away from it all for a week or two. Here’s how to plan a digital detox holiday…

Choose your destination

The most exciting part of planning a digital detox holiday (or any holiday for that matter!) is choosing the destination. Awesome destinations for a digital detox include Ibiza, where you can explore the gorgeous coastline and Bali, where you can focus on yoga rather than Whatsapping your friends. Choose a destination where Wi-Fi is patchy or unavailable as this will help you to avoid the temptation of logging on. Click here to find out more about digital detox holidays.

Switch off from work

Put your out of office on when you leave for holiday and mean it. Plan to be fully out of the office – physically and mentally. No checking up on work emails and leave your work phone and laptop at home. To help you do this, ensure you’re super organised and everything you need to do is completed or handed over before you check out so your mind can be completely free of worry.

Remove temptations

Before you travel, turn off your push notifications or be even more drastic and remove your social media apps from your phone. This will remove temptation to check them but will mean you can still have your phone nearby, in case of emergencies.

Tell your travel buddies to do the same

When you’re planning your getaway, make sure you tell whoever you’re travelling with your plans for a digital detox and encourage them to do the same. You will find it easier to stick to it if everyone else is doing the same thing and you can all keep an eye on each other to make sure you don’t break the rules.

Find alternatives to your phone

Obviously you’ll want to take plenty of pictures during your travels and that could lead to temptation to post these on your social media channels. Instead, buy yourself a digital camera so you can still get those snaps without your phone. You can always post them once you get home!

Google Maps is another app that I use all the time but as soon as I go on to my phone I soon find myself checking all my social media apps and my emails. Instead, use paper maps to get around to avoid the temptation of using your phone.

Going on a digital detox holiday will remind you to live in the moment, rather than seeing everything from behind a screen, and will relieve some of the stresses of modern life. So enjoy your digital detox!

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