Regatta Women’s Holcombe IEP Mid Walking Boots review

Regatta walking boots leaning up against a wall covered in moss

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When I first started going out walking a few years ago my first pair of walking boots were from Regatta. Many, many miles later and they’re still going strong and were still my pair of choice, despite trying out a couple of other brands since.

I recently got sent a pair of Regatta’s Women’s Holcombe IEP Walking Boots to try out so I thought I’d share what I thought to them.

Muddy Regatta walking boots resting up against a light green front door

Colour & design

With a lot of women’s hiking gear, you often find that it’s pink or purple in colour. And there’s nothing wrong with that – I’ve got lots of pink and purple stuff which I love. But it’s really nice to find something different.

These hiking boots are navy and azure blue in colour so they’re a little different. They’re also quite slim fitting, rather than chunky, and so they still look really feminine and stylish. I love how they look!

I also tend to wear a lot of greys and they go really well with those tones. They’re also available in a couple of other colours which are mainly blacks, greys and blues.

Blonde woman climbing over a stile with blue sky

What are they like on a walk?

Lots of hiking boots take a bit of wearing in and they tend to rub you on your first few outings. Not the case with these! I wore them on a couple of short three mile trips first and then tried them on an eight miler and they were really comfy with no irritation.

They’re supportive on the ankle so great for hills and mountains and they’re really lightweight too so it doesn’t feel like a chore to lift your feet up when you get to mile six onwards!

They’re waterproof too with water shedding Hydropel technology – and I’ve stepped in plenty of bogs and mud in them already and my feet have stayed bone dry. The waterproof/breathable Isotex membrane helps to keep them dry too and reduces sweat.

Blonde woman in walking clothes standing on a stone with a view of the Peak District behind


One thing that I really love about Regatta as a brand is that their gear is really affordable. Lots of outdoor clothing and equipment can be really expensive and so this can be a barrier to accessibility of the outdoors.

I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to explore and enjoy the outdoors and walking so low priced clothing is brilliant to help this.

They’re also vegan-friendly and so you can enjoy them completely guilt free.

I really like these boots and they have quickly become my go to pair for both short strolls and longer hikes. Check out the Regatta website for walking boots and lots more outdoor gear.

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