Guest post: What’s in my hand luggage?

Special thanks to Amy Marie from Cocktails in Teacups for this blog post about what’s in her hand luggage. There are more carry on packing hacks here.

Hi, just me again, casually harping on about my holiday which is now less than four days away! Next Friday I will be blogging from the Big Apple itself! I have only a few jobs left to do before Tuesday like using up the contents of my fridge, laying my clothes into my suitcase, buying my dollars and then finally online checking in. I can tell I’m starting to get the pre-holiday jitters, I thought this week would drag but here we are at Friday already!

Anyway, my hand luggage is lying on my bedroom floor, all packed apart from the things I use every day like my iPad, my iPhone and my purse so I thought today I’d photograph the contents for you all to see what things I’m taking to occupy myself on the 9 hour flight out.

Hand luggage

Electrics for hand luggage

Liquids for hand luggage

Oh my backpack! It has to be one of my best purchases of the year! I got it around Easter I think with some of my birthday money as I really wanted a bag to use when I went to visit Bee, as well as something to put my hand luggage in for my holidays. It’s a Cath Kidston backpack and it was in the sale for £30. It has a pocket that fits my laptop so I use it whenever i’m going to my mums as well as for trips away. It’s so roomy and because it’s padded it’s really comfortable to carry. I talk in more detail about it in my Cath Kidston Brand of the Month post. In that same haul I also purchased the eye mask & inflatable neck pillow which are going to come in so handy for my flight and even trains to and from London, a passport cover and documents holder. And if that isn’t enough Cath Kidston, I’m also taking my glasses (I need them to read the flight screen in the airport and I’m going to see Aladdin so I’ll need them for the stage!) in a Cath Kidston glasses case and my coin case is also one I picked up for £3 from Depop.

It appears I’m taking a lot of stationary, my filofax with all my numbers and addresses in. A travel journal I received as a birthday present from Kariss. It has loads of fun activities in! Two more document holders, since I’m travelling around I have a fair bit of paperwork and I like to keep it organised! The small purple one was in my lincsblogmeet goody bag from Scarlett Fashion. The large one is from Tescos and was reduced to 50p. I’m also hoping to finish Game of Thrones on the flight out too.

On the same lines of stationary, we have my two portable phone chargers as we all know how dreadful the iPhone battery is and I need to be able to text the shuttle and my mum when I arrive. The other technology I’ll have will be my iPad which I’ve bought a case that has a keyboard on so I can use it to blog on the go. Along with this is my iPad card reader so I can use the photos I’ve taken directly into my blog post. I bought the phone chargers, bluetooth keyboard case & card reader from eBay.

Then my beauty supplies. A nine hour flight sounds daunting, but having done five long haul flights in the past I know that it does go by pretty quick. However, since I’m checking into a flash hotel at the other end, I don’t want to look like the undead.. I have some wipes to freshen myself up with, my Tangle Teezer that I picked up in the airport last time around as I forgot a hair brush for LM. Some Carex Hand Gel, which I usually carry in my hand bag anyway.

After asking for some advice on the #bbloggers hashtag, I picked up a couple of must have products for the flight, the first is The Balm’s Sexy Mama Anti Shine Powder from ASOS as I had a £5 off voucher and the other was Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir just to keep my skin looking health in the dry air. I also have my retractable Ruby & Millie brush to apply the powder. I’m keeping make up simple on arrival in the US, some eyeliner, YSL Baby Doll Mascara & Apocalips in Celestial.

Finally, some slipper socks, because who’s feet don’t get cold on the aeroplane?

Not photoed as mentioned above is my purse, my phone, my camera (as I was taking the photo with it) and my lipbalm because I left that at my mum’s in my coat pocket.

And since I won’t be doing an outfit of the day in the early hours of Tuesday morning, here is what I’m travelling in…

A change of clothes

Black Converse High Tops £44.99, Spartoo
Let It Go tee £8, TeeFury
Gingham Jeggings, Matalan

I will be keeping it simple to fly as I have to admit I hate airport security and feel like crying if I get pulled up (which always happens urgh!) so no jewellery, hair accessories etc. I’m going with my favourite comfy shoes, the ol’ faithful high tops. My “By Royal Degree” Frozen t-shirt I picked up from TeeFury months ago. I got it in a large so it’s big and baggy, perfect to wear with my gingham jeggings, again (I wore the same thing to fly to France back in May haha).. going for comfort.

What are your in flight hand luggage essentials?

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