Beauty essentials for travelling

Use beauty products while travelling
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In the last few decades, travelling has changed immensely for women. Not only is it more intense but it’s also more demanding on the body. Everything from air conditioning in hotels to the high altitude on a plane can cause dryness, redness and inflammation of your skin. So, if you’re like me and you travel regularly, you will always need a select group of products to take with you that are vital in keeping a healthy body and good skin.

The basics

Firstly, I bet you know the basics; you cannot take any liquid or gels with you in your carry-on bag that is over 100ml. Your containers or beauty bags must be in transparent, resealable plastic bags. If you want to carry liquids more than 100ml, then you must have a prior medical certificate to show on request.

If it’s larger than 100ml, then you have two options:

  • You can check it with your checked bag.
  • Or in many airports, there are kiosks where you can ship an item to your destination or back to your home.

You have no idea how many times I have been caught red-handed with an expensive lotion or perfume that I almost had to throw away, but quick thinking got me out of trouble.

Moisturising and hydration

You know that feeling when you get off a long flight, and your face looks like all the hydration was sucked out?

My number one antidote for this is my Dermalogica creams; they have by far the best range on the market. Yes, it’s a little pricey, but it’s well worth it. And the great thing about Dermalogica is that they have a TSA travel-friendly range from which you can choose.

  • I never leave home without my UltraCalming Cleanser. It helps calm and cool the skin, and it’s especially great for sensitive skin. Their Special Cleansing Gel is also excellent; it is soap-free and helps purify and soothe the skin without stripping or drying the skin.
  • If you’re looking for a good moisturiser to keep your face nourished when it feels a little dry, then make sure you grab the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream as well. It comes in a neat travel size, has a built-in SPF 15 in it and is kind to your face as it has herbal extracts like rosehip and camellia oils.
  • Ultimately, finding the right skincare products for you involves testing out a wide range of luxury and budget options. Most people find that a combination of the two often works best. My friend, for example, likes to use the high-end skincare products that she purchases from websites like the VCI shop on special occasions and holidays but during the week she uses her more basic skincare products. Essentially, it is all about finding a skincare routine that works for you and your budget.

Eye mask

It is essential that you try and keep your eyes fresh when flying or staying up into the wee hours when in transit. It’s critical to keep the puffiness down. So, if you want what all the influencers are wearing, then get yourself one of the these: the Free People Starry Eyed Cooling Mask, it’s free of animal products and has a cooling gel snuck into the pack to aid in softening your eyes when getting some shut-eye.

If it’s good enough for Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and Kendall Jenner, then its good enough for me.


Beauty brushes
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Don’t you wonder how the flight attendants do it? They never look tired; they always seem beautiful. Well, I have stolen a couple of tips from them for you.

When you get to the hotel, and you have a bit of you time to spare on yourself, then I would highly recommend grabbing a few of these essentials.

  • Keeping a red lipstick with you always is essential, especially if you want a quick beauty application when you head out. I recommend, MAC’s Ruby Woo; it’s reasonably priced and useful when you’re short on time. Also, it’s a colour that suits most occasions.
  • You wouldn’t believe the number of times I’ve been out and in the heat of Spain or Greece and my mascara has smeared. That’s why I sought out something a bit more durable; Clinique’s High Impact is waterproof, and it will aid you in times of muggy humidity.
  • I also love the Shiseido Perfecting Stick Concealer; it’s easy to use as you can squeeze the tube and just enough will come out, so you can blend it with your finger. You won’t need to use a brush with it.


One of the biggest problems I have found when travelling is boredom.

If you’re stuck in transit or have some time to kill in a new city, there are a couple of ways to deal with this. Make sure you download content online ahead of time from Netflix or Amazon Prime so that you can watch films and TV shows wherever you want. You can also download a raft of apps to keep yourself occupied, or you could stick with a good old fashion book; it’s old school, but it’s enjoyable.

Lip balm, sleep mist and sunscreen

These are usually three things that most women forget on their journeys. They are essential because they are all must-haves in your day-to-day travels.

  • I suggest using Drunk Elephant Lippe Balm to nourish your lips; they help when you’ve hit a city with dry air, and your lips feel a little sore and cracked.
  • Sunscreen is usually in your day creams, but a body screen is essential as the sun is so damaging and causes wrinkles and lines. Also, the last thing you want is to look like a lobster when relaxing by the pool. Neutrogena Pure SPF 60+ is perfect for any environment; it has a hypoallergenic formula, so it is kind to the skin as well and will not sting your eyes or clog your pores.
  • Last but not least – my favourite before you hit the pillow, make sure you spray some sleep mist; Kora Organics Calming Lavender Mist is essential. It’s my favourite smell and it excellent for getting a good night sleep.

Finally, my most important tip. After being caught out on a trip and having to deal with sorting through 3-4 small cosmetic bags full of concealers, mascara and lipstick so many times, I suggest buying a larger cosmetic bag that can fit everything but even double up at times as a clutch bag on a night out. You might think it is a little silly, but it saves space and time when packing for trips and it looks stylish if you find the right one. I hope these tips were useful; they’ve helped out a lot when I’m on the road.

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