How to eat like you’re abroad every day

Unless you’re really lucky or an amazing successful travel blogger, you can’t be on holiday all the time. So to get that holiday feeling at home why not eat like you’re abroad every night? It’s especially effective if you have a balcony or, better still, a pool(!) but it’s easy to do, no matter where you live. Here are my favourite holiday to home meals…

France: croissants

Start off your day the French way with some freshly baked croissants. Choose sweet pain au chocolat or savoury with ham and cheese. All you need now is a large window overlooking the Eiffel Tower.

Accompanying drink: The French love a hot chocolate for breakfast but I don’t think I could stomach that. Instead, I’d opt for a glass of champagne. Who doesn’t love a champagne breakfast?! Bollinger, Laurent Perrier and Veuve Cliquot are my faves.

Italy: pizza

Pizza is my all time favourite food and Italy is the home of the most delicious pizza. I was lucky enough to visit Rome in January and, although the food didn’t blow me away, the pizzas we had were really delicious. Pizza Express have just launched their Leggera retail range and sent me some pizzas to try. These pizzas are lighter options for one but don’t compromise on taste.

They’re available in three flavour combinations – Chicken & Vegetable, Prawn & Broccoli, and Squash, Kale & Goat’s Cheese, are served on a multigrain base and make perfect meals for one.

Accompanying drink: Add a glass of prosecco into the mix and you’ve got the perfect Italian evening meal.

Spanish tapas

Spain: paella

I love a good paella while I’m sitting at a seafront restaurant – packed full with fresh seafood, chorizo and chicken – yum! I find it’s quite expensive to make your own at home as saffron is not cheap (in fact – it’s more expensive than gold!) so for a quick and easy alternative I often buy Tesco’s Finest paella in their £10 meal for two deal. You just pop it in the oven for 35 minutes and it’s done. I love it with a tomato flatbread.

Accompanying drink: It wouldn’t be Spain without a jug of sangria – here’s how to make your own.


Australia: BBQ

When the weather’s like this you cannot beat a BBQ – we usually have one on a Sunday at my parents’ house and the last one was INCREDIBLE! Hotdogs with onions, burgers, chicken kebabs, pork spare ribs and lamb cutlets PLUS spicy rice, chips, coleslaw and Mediterranean veg equals summer time heaven! I’m visiting Australia next year and I am so excited to (stereo-typically) put another shrimp on the barbie! Because of the awesome weather the Aussies have an outdoor lifestyle and they’re always barbecueing – count me in!

Accompanying drink: A lovely Australian sparkling wine, a scooner or a Carlton Draft.

Gordon Rhodes Chicken Curry

India: curry

Of course the Great British favourite – curry! My favourite curries include a balti, Rogan Josh or jalfrezi – I like a little bit of heat! – and I love to add plenty of mushrooms, peppers and onions to the mix in order to get my five a day.

Accompanying drink: A pint of Kingfisher or Cobra…or just a cold glass of water!

Dinner at Bodega

Mexican: tacos

It’s essential to partake in taco Tuesdays at least once a month. Choose from pulled pork, chicken, fish or beef strips, add some crunchy salad and a dash of hot sauce. If you’re a vegetarian, mushrooms and beans make for a delicious taco filling. Oh, and I prefer soft tacos to crunchy ones. Old El Paso is my bae when it comes to tacos!

Accompanying drink: Margaritas! When we visited Bodega in Derby for the opening a couple of months ago we were so inspired that we bought margarita glasses on our way home! We haven’t actually used them yet though…

What are your favourite holiday to home meals? Let me know in the comments!

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    Fabulous article. So great for when we are unsure of what to eat! Love your wording as well. Great work.

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