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With the lockdown restrictions being lifted across the country, there is no better time to take a UK road trip. I’ve recently visited both Scotland and Wales within the last couple of weeks and taking your car on a trip allows you to be flexible about where you travel to and lets you see places which might be inaccessible via public transport. Although it’s not as sustainable as public transport, it’s the best way of seeing the UK.

Here are my top tips for making your UK road trip the most enjoyable one yet.

1. Take snacks

My number one and most important tip for a UK road trip is to take snacks. Crisps or sweets never go a miss (Haribo are top of the list!) or, if you’re being healthy, a fruit pot with pre-cut fruit is perfect. Make sure your snacks, and water bottle, are within reach for when you feel the need to grab them.

2. Get a dashcam

It doesn’t bear thinking about but sometimes accidents do happen and so a dashcam is a really sensible purchase. Dashcams continually record footage from the front windscreen and can be used for evidence, were you to be in a car accident. They can also record acts of vandalism on your car.

You can find Dashcams easily with

3. Plan your route (and alternatives!)

I always use Google Maps on a road trip – and that’s another good thing about a UK road trip, no data roaming charges! However it’s also a good idea to have a look at the route that you’re planning to take beforehand, in case you have any trouble with your technology – sometimes you might be in an area of no signal or your battery might die. On that point, make sure you take an in car charger with you too!

You can also never plan for the UK weather – one day it might be glorious sunshine, the next snowing or blowing a gale. On my recent trip to Wales there was a lot of flooding on the route and so we had to change our route to cut out one of the roads which was closed. Ensure you look up some alternative routes in case of adverse weather conditions or accidents.

If you have an electric car, you’ll need to check that there are charging points where you are staying, or in the nearest town. Hopefully an electric car charger point installer will have visited before you get there!

4. Select a playlist

Music always makes the journey go faster. If you’re lucky enough to be travelling with someone else, let them be the DJ for the trip. If you’re travelling on your own, put together a playlist on your phone or Spotify of all your favourite tunes beforehand so you’re not messing around with CDs or your phone while your attention should be on the road. The car is also a great place to listen to audiobooks or podcasts as there are no other distractions. On a recent trip to the Lake District, I burned through one of my true crime podcasts and the journey absolutely flew by.

My favourite listens for a summer UK road trip are Bob Marley, Little Roy (reggae is a great shout for summer!), the Beach Boys and, of course, The Beatles.

5. Make sure your car is road trip ready

Car trouble could really ruin a road trip, so there are a few things you should do before you set off to ensure that your car is ready for a long journey. Check your tyre tread is deeper than the legal limit and that your tyres are at their optimum pressure as well as filling up your oil. Check out my top tips for getting your car ready for a road trip here.

Also make sure that you’ve got breakdown cover in place before you travel, especially if your car is old or unreliable. The last thing you want is a huge bill for getting towed to a local garage.

What are your top tips for a UK road trip? Let me know in the comments.

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