How to get your car ready for a winter road trip

Winter road trip

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Winter is a great time to explore the UK by car. Think beautiful, frosty scenery, and plenty of places to explore from the bustling cities for Christmas markets to the mountains for winter walking and the coast. My favourite way to explore in this country is on a road trip and if you’re driving, you need to feel reassured that your car isn’t going to let you down during your trip, that’s why it’s really important to do some essential car maintenance before you set off to get your car ready for a winter road trip.

Here are my top tips for making sure that your car is winter road trip worth!

Ensure your MOT is up to date

This is pretty basic and it’s absolutely illegal to drive your car without an MOT so you should make sure that you get yours done, whether you’re heading out on a winter road trip, or just driving to work. Your MOT will ensure that your car is road worthy by checking that all the essentials – breaks, lights, seatbelts, windscreen wipers – are working properly.

Check your tyres

It’s really important to ensure that your tyres are in good condition, especially when driving in wintery conditions. The minimum depth that your tyre tread should be is 1.6mm and you can easily check this by inserting a 20p coin into one of the grooves. If the outer band of the coin is obscured, then your tread is above the legal limit. You also need to ensure that your tyre pressure is correct. Tyres can be pumped up at your local petrol station and you can usually find out what pressure they need to be by looking in your handbook.

Don’t undertake any road trips without your tyres being roadworthy. This winter buy tyres for your vehicle from none other than Fife Autocentre. They sell good quality tyres at affordable prices.

Get your car regularly serviced

You should ensure that you take your car for a service when it needs it, especially if you are planning to do a lot of miles on a winter road trip. A service will ensure that all the essential fluids of the car – coolant, gear box, clutch fluid – are all topped up and will keep your car running smoothly. It will also ensure that any hidden problems with your car are uncovered before you set off on your trip.

Get breakdown cover

Ok, so you’ve prepped your car ready for your winter road trip but you never know what could go wrong. You can get breakdown cover from as little as £50 per year, so it’s really worth it for the peace of mind that you get, knowing you’ll be looked after, should you break down when you’re far from home.

What are your top tips for preparing for a winter road trip? Let me know in the comments!

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    Very amazing tips for winter road trip. Very helpful for many individuals like me. Thanks for sharing.

  1. March 1, 2020

    […] and that your tyres are at their optimum pressure as well as filling up your oil. Check out my top tips for getting your car ready for a road trip […]

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