Taco Tuesdays at Revolucion De Cuba, Derby

Taco Tuesdays
Every time we go for drinks in Derby, we always head to Revolucion De Cuba for cocktails in teapots, and we’ve been for tapas before. I’m a huge fan of South American food (in fact – I just ate beef enchiladas for dinner!) and so my besties and I decided to try out the bar’s famous Taco Tuesday this week. Here’s what I thought…

The price

Ok, so I don’t usually really care about the price of things (I’m the one who thinks £6 for a glass of prosecco is a bargain) but in this case it’s really worth a straight up mention. The Taco Tuesdays deals are SUCH GOOD VALUE. If you want an alcoholic drink (and who doesn’t, on a random Tuesday night?!) then you can choose from a glass of wine, a mojito, strawberry daiquiri or a pint Mahou and a taco board for just £10! Yes, for the price of one drink usually you get a drink, four tacos, chips, spiced black beans and goat’s cheese sauce. There are options with no drinks included for £8 and just the tacos (no sides or drinks) for £5. Yes, that’s right, I said £5.


The food

You can choose from pulled paprika chicken, slow-cooked shredded pork or mushroom, bean and spinach to fill your soft flour tacos. I went with chicken and then were delicious! They were presented really nicely, standing up in a little create with a “mug” of chips and they were garnished with all sorts of extra veggies.

The waitress also brought over a bottle of rum sauce which I recommend you try if you like your tacos a little bit spicier.

I was also kind of disappointed that the alcoholic drink was a mojito rather than a margarita at first but then I soon realised that this is Revolucion De Cuba not Mexico (blonde moment)!

Taco menu

The service

Hmmm…the service. What is it with me and terrible service? Do they see me coming?! Ok, so this time the waitress shouted “I can’t hear a word you’re saying!” at one of my friends when she was placing her order. She was just all round pretty rude – safe to say, no tip was left. The food also took quite a long time to come and while it was worth the wait we were all getting a little bit hungry and restless. This was really the only thing that let the experience down.

Despite the terrible service, we loved Taco Tuesdays and the excellent value really made up for this. I’m sure we’ll be back.

Find out more and book your table at Revolucion De Cuba in Derby here.

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