Bottle & Thyme, Chesterfield review

Bottle & Thyme
One of my favourite things to do on a Saturday is a spot of lunch with friends and a couple of glasses of fizz and Chesterfield is becoming a great place to do just that. More and more cafes and bars are popping up and Bottle & Thyme is one of the newest. It’s a cocktail bar and which serves food and it’s kind of similar to The Alchemist in Manchester (which we absolutely LOVE!).

Although the cocktails looked AMAZING we opted for a bottle of prosecco as the last few times I’ve been day drinking they really haven’t agreed with me (or I’ve had a few too many!). The ambiance inside is lovely – it’s the perfect Saturday day time drinking/lunch place and was buzzing with young couples and groups of girls.

When the prosecco arrived we were given two champagne flutes and a wine glass (oh horrors!) as the waiter couldn’t find another clean glass. I’m not one to make a fuss so we didn’t say anything but this kind of thing does put me off a little – who wants to drink prosecco from a wine glass?!

Bottle & Thyme
We ordered food and the wait for it was almost an hour which did get a little tedious. One of my friends actually had to ask where our food was. When it did finally arrive it was delicious. I shared a tapas board with one of my friends which was full of salami, parma ham, olives, bread, chorizo, manchego and was a perfect little nibbly lunch. We also went for a portion of sweet potato fries which were the right amount of crispy and not too greasy – I think they’re quite difficult to get right as I’ve had some terrible ones!

Chicken burger
My other friend ordered the chicken sandwich but ended up with a chicken burger which was kind of a happy accident as it did look divine. The portions were a good size and we left feeling full and happy.

There’s lovely food and atmosphere at Bottle & Thyme but I think there are a few teething problems with the service. Hopefully this will improve in time as this could become the perfect venue for Saturday lunch and cocktails with the girls.

Find out more about Bottle & Thyme here.

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