Kayaking in Byron Bay

Kayaking in Byron Bay

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During our trip to Australia we were invited by Go Sea Kayak to try out one of their tours, kayaking in Byron Bay. I was super excited as the tours almost always spot dolphins and they’re one of my favourite animals – I love seeing them in the wild.

Go Sea Kayak HQ
We arrived at the Go Sea Kayak HQ which is basically a cool trailer on the park and met the guides – they were your typical Australians – laid back surfer types and they were having a laugh and a joke with us about the swell beforehand. The day had started off cloudy and so the waves were pretty big in the bay.

We headed off for a safety brief on the beach and we had to drag our kayaks down a little path to get there. Well, I say we, I pretty much left Lee to it as they were really heavy and I was really being more of a hindrance than a help (lols).

Sunset in Byron Bay
After this it was time to get on the water! The tour lasted about three hours in total, which was great, however, my arms really hurt at the end of it and the next day – I’m definitely not as fit as I thought I was! We felt safe the whole time as the instructors stayed near everyone and were advising us on where to go and what to do.

We also spotted a dolphin pod which was amazing and made me quite emotional – it’s just so lovely to see them jumping out of the waves. Some people even saw turtles but I kept missing them!

We were pretty poor at kayaking to be fair, every time we moved to another place we were the slowest to get there, but we still had a great time and managed not to capsize on the way back in – winning!

Places to stay in Byron Bay

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  1. May 10, 2018

    […] We were invited to try kayaking in Byron Bay with Go Sea Kayak. The bay is famous for surfing and dolphin-spotting so I was really excited to see some dolphins in the wild. Read more about our kayaking adventure here. […]

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