Best places to eat in Skiathos

I love Greek food in general and we ate in some really nice places when we went to the island of Skiathos. Popular dishes on this Greek island include moussaka (of course) and gyros which are kebabs with pork, salad and chips – perfect street food for lunchtime or a snack. In fact, my tummy is rumbling as I write this – and it’s only 8.30am! Apologies for the lack of food pictures on what is essentially a food post…I get too hungry/excited when my food arrives! Here are the best places to eat in Skiathos…

Bourtzi - best places to eat in Skiathos

Bourtzi, Skiathos Town

We had a prosecco breakfast here on the day of the wedding and you literally couldn’t ask for a better setting. I had a vegetable omelette which was really nice and light (great breakfast choice!) but the best thing about this place is the views out to sea. They are incredible.

Bourtzi - best places to eat in Skiathos

This is the view from the bathroom at Bourtzi! How insane!

Crazy Cow

Crazy Cow, Skiathos Town

This restaurant is rated number one in Skiathos on the TripAdvisor website. The setting is amazing – all the tables are situated around the swimming pool (which unfortunately hasn’t shown up amazingly on my photos) so it’s really beautiful. I had seafood linguine (a personal favourite of mine!) and it was lovely.

Seafood linguine


Sofia’s, Skiathos Town

This was the place we ate on the last night and my personal favourite. It’s set on a roof terrace above the harbour in Skiathos Town and the waiters were really friendly – they even upgraded our wine to a better one! I shared a mixed grill with my dad and I would totally recommend this as there was SO MUCH MEAT. We also got a couple of yummy Greek salads to split across the table – delicious!

Jimmy’s, Aghia Paraskevi

We ate here on the first night and it was great as the whole group who were on holiday (I think around 32 in total) got together. The staff were lovely and friendly and didn’t get anything wrong, which is astonishing for such a big group! I had moussaka and I must admit, it was quite a lot better than the one I made before we went away to get us in the mood! Get off at bus stop 16 for this traditional Greek restaurant.

Skiathos Town harbour
Added to this, there are a couple that I don’t know the names of! The boy and I ate in a lovely old-fisherman-style restaurant at Skiathos town harbour where the tablecloths were checked and there was netting hanging from the walls. The restaurant served lots of  yummy fresh fish and we ate swordfish and mixed fried seafood which was delicious and plentiful.

There are plenty of cafe bars all over the island as well serving light bites – great for lunches or a snack.

There were also lots of restaurants that I would have loved to have tried (including Salt and Pepper, recommended by one of my friends) but we just didn’t get time. Hopefully we’ll get to visit again!

So that’s it for my pick of the best places to eat in Skiathos. If you’re ready for more of this beautiful Greek island, read my best views in Skiathos blog post here.

We stayed at La Luna during our trip – small and friendly apartments with an absolutely killer view. See other places to stay in Skiathos here.

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    Really many places and attractions to visit in Skiathos, some of them are also easy to reach with children.

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