Yorkshire Wildlife Park review

For my mum’s birthday this year she wanted to go to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. I was really excited as I’d also wanted to go for a while thanks to their amazing Instagram presence!

I love a family day out and this one was supposed to be all of us, however, my brother and his girlfriend couldn’t make it in the end due to isolating. Yorkshire Wildlife Park were really good about this and gave us vouchers so that they could visit another time.

Picnic in the car

So it was just me, M and D! We arrived and ate a little picnic in the car before we headed into the park.

Getting there

It’s super easy to get to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. From where we live, it’s straight up the M1 and then the M18. It’s really well signposted and we managed to get there without making a wrong turn (very rare!).

Giraffes at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

The animals

We had a massive laugh on the way round as lots of the animals were asleep or inside so we couldn’t see them so we actually missed quite a lot (obviously not the park’s fault!).

Red panda: didn’t see
Spotted hyena: didn’t see
Polar bears: asleep inside, we saw a paw
Painted dogs: didn’t see
Armadillo: didn’t see


However, we did get to see lots of other animals. My favourites were the lions. There are nine of them in total which are more than I’ve seen anywhere else. We also saw tigers, giraffes (mum’s favourites), zebras, rhinos and monkeys.


My dad and I didn’t quite nail this photo opp!

For lots of the animals, you’re quite far away from them which I half loved and half didn’t like! I liked it because I felt it was nicer for the animals and they’ve got lots of space to roam about, but I would have (selfishly) liked to have seen them from closer!

There are two really cool bits where you walk through and the animals are just running about free. Lemur Woods has ring tailed lemurs and red-bellied lemurs which are both really cute.

Wallaby Walkabout

Wallaby Walkabout is full of wallabies. I loved feeding wallabies and kangaroos when we were in Australia a few years ago and so I loved this bit. I love anything like this where you can get close to animals.

I had thought that the park would be quite little but it’s really big, so you also get a good walk round as you try to spot everything.

Covid restrictions

Yorkshire Wildlife Park did have some Covid restrictions in place. Prior to arrival you have to book a time slot. You can arrive up to 45 minutes before that and you can’t get out of the car until just before. Although, I’m not too sure how this would be policed as no one checked on us on the way through.

Throughout the park they had markers to space people out and you were supposed to keep to the left hand side when walking around.

However, it was very busy throughout the park for the whole time we were there and I don’t think I would have felt comfortable if I was an older or vulnerable person.

In fact, we did keep our masks on for most of the time due to the proximity of other people, despite the fact that you don’t need to as it’s all outside.

We had so much fun at Yorkshire Wildlife Park and I would definitely recommend it for a family day out.

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