How to visit Venice on a budget

Whether you’re a student, parent or simply strapped for cash, being able to travel on a budget will undoubtedly be one of the most important factors for you when picking a holiday. In particular, sightseeing in cities like Venice can be costly, and it’s hard to decide which attractions are worth paying for and what just isn’t worth it.

Being a student who aspires to see every corner of the world, I like to think that I’ve picked up some budget-friendly travel tips over the last few years. Most recently, I finally got to tick a place off my bucket list which I’d been dreaming of for a long time: Venice. Having little over 100 Euros to spend over three days, I thought I would share with you what’s worth doing, and how to keep costs as low as possible whilst still having an amazing time!

Colourful buildings in Venice

Where to book your trip to Venice

If you’re looking for a cheap package getaway, and are pretty flexible with dates and travel companies, Wowcher is the place for you! My boyfriend and I picked up a deal of four nights’ hotel stay (two in Rome, two in Venice), flights (including those from Rome to Venice) and even free breakfast(!) for just over £170 per person. I’m not 100 percent sure on how Wowcher works, but I believe they partner with companies to get rid of a lot of last minute deals which otherwise wouldn’t be sold, hence why you can get such a good deal. The booking process was relatively simple – we bought what we wanted, then were sent a code and given a phone number which we had to call to complete the booking.

Places to stay in Venice

Visiting Venice on a budget

When to travel to Venice

For those of you who don’t live in Europe and may not be aware of the climate, Italy is a country which averages around 7-15 degrees in Winter, and steadily climbs to a lovely summer of around 25 degrees. As Venice is in the north of the country, it’s one of the colder cities of Italy and this should definitely be a consideration if travelling in the winter time. As mentioned above, my boyfriend and I got a pretty amazing deal, however December is without a doubt one of the coldest months in Venice, at around 5 degrees, with the coastal wind making things feel even colder! Although this kind of weather provides many benefits, such as A LOT less tourists and queues, it did feel at times that we were a little too uncomfortable to be enjoying ourselves – we were always looking for a warm place indoors to shelter!

Venice canalways

Where to stay in Venice

Something I didn’t actually know about Venice until we booked – the airport actually isn’t on the island itself, but is a boat or car journey away on the mainland, which is connected by a bridge. On this mainland, there’s a great amount of hotels which are always at least half the price of those actually in Venice! Although it’s a bit of an inconvenience having to travel out of Venice to get to your hotel, the transport links are great. Our hotel was only a 15 minute bus journey away from Venice bus station, and gave us time to put our feet up after a long day’s walking. I would recommend you invest in a map, though, as Venice’s pretty backstreets can be very confusing!

Places to stay in Venice

Venice buildings

What to visit

Venice has its fair share of historic buildings, including museums, churches and statues. Saint Marc’s square is the main tourist area and is the place to see if you want to visit the monuments. Although my boyfriend and I didn’t go into any of these (they’re pretty enough to admire from the outside!) we saw that the prices tended to be around 10 euros per person, which isn’t bad at all. The thing about Venice is you actually don’t need to have a lot of money to enjoy yourself here. We spent hours wandering the back streets and admiring all the buildings, canals and architecture along the way. The whole area is so stunning and photo-worthy that the time literally flies by. My one recommendation would be to visit the neighbouring island of Buarno, a fishing village full of brightly coloured houses. We bought our boat tickets in advance for around 15 euros each and it was definitely one of the highlights of the trip.

Venice gondolas

How many days do I need in Venice?

Venice is stunning, though quite a small island. We spent just under two days there, and would definitely need at least one more day there to finish off exploring. I can imagine that it’s even more beautiful in the summer, and would definitely return for maybe three to four days.

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