How to have a microadventure

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Microadventures are short adventures which you can easily achieve – they don’t need too much preparation or a lot of time to plan. They’re often spur of the moment and they are for everyone – no matter what your age or ability. We were lent a camper van by Bumble Campers for our road trip to Cornwall earlier on in the year and at the end of our trip, we decided to keep the van for another day and take ourselves on a microadventure.

Having a microadventure

You don’t have to travel far

On a microadventure, you don’t have to go on a 200 mile road trip or to the other side of the world. You might just choose to camp in your back garden, or watch the sunset from a spot near your house. We drove about five minutes outside of our hometown to set up the camper van for the night. Along a back road, there’s a layby which is a brilliant spot for watching the sunset so we stopped here.

Cooking dinner

You don’t have to do much

Microadventures are all about exploring and enjoying the great outdoors, but you don’t necessarily have to complete the Three Peaks Challenge or swim the channel. It might just be going for a short walk or bike ride. We actually didn’t really do anything active on our microadventure but we did just sit outside, cooked a meal on the camper van’s stove and enjoyed nature and a beautiful sunset. As I’ve got older, I’ve begun to appreciate the world we live in so much more, so it was great to take this time to do just that.

Sleep different

If you’re planning a spontaneous overnight microadventure, it’s all about leaving the bed behind, ditching the hotel room and sleeping somewhere different. It might be camping, glamping or, like us, a camper van. I absolutely loved sleeping in our Bumble Camper – it was super cosy and the best bit? In the morning, we just woke up and drove home!

Seafood and sunsets

Make the most of your free time

You can have a microadventure whenever you have a spare couple of hours, so there’s no need to let work get in the way of fun! You could finish work, drive somewhere new and sleep there overnight. Our microadventure lasted a grand total of 14 hours so you can fit these mini adventures in around whatever other commitments you have.

Have you been on a microadventure before? Let me know what you did and where you went in the comments!

Watch my microadventure

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