How to create the best pinnable travel images

Creating pinnable images

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Pinterest is one of the most popular websites to use for planning a trip. With so much content on there, I love collecting pins that link to blog posts that give you lots of tips for what to do at your destination and to help with your travel planning. I’ve definitely lost a good few hours planning dream trips on there – both real and imaginary!

If you’re a travel blogger as well as just a lover of travel, Pinterest is also a really good way of driving traffic to your blog so it’s a good idea to start using the platform to push out your own content (if you don’t already, of course). It’s important to make sure the pins you create are optimised to be saved or clicked if you want to drive traffic through here or raise your profile and reach.

Here are some of my top tips to help you to create the most pinnable travel images.

Choose your best imagery

When you’re on your trip, have the fact that you want to create a pin in the back of your mind when you’re taking photos. The platform is optimised for mobile, so make sure you take horizontal images. Beautiful imagery will draw your audience in and make them want to know more.

Graphic design

Choose a beautiful font

A big part of your pin, second only to a killer image, is the writing that appears on it and a beautiful font will really make your pin stand out from the rest. There are lots of fonts available to choose from but you may have to pay to get some of the nicest designed fonts.

Font Bundles offers some beautiful free fonts and they release a new one each week for you to download and use on your pins. It’s easy – just sign up for an account and then you’ll be able to download any of these available fonts instantly.

These aren’t just the run of the mill Times New Roman or Comic Sans either. These are really beautifully designed fonts which will add a touch of class to your pins. They’ll look like a professional graphic designer has done them!

Some of my favourite free fonts from include…


This scripts font is a cursive font with beautiful ligature. It would be great for any countryside pins you’re planning to do. For example, I write a lot of posts about the Peak District which I live just outside of, so this would be perfect for pins promoting those.


This modern calligraphy font is cool and laidback. It would be great for posts promoting tropical beach trips or pins for beach club recommendations.

Le discussioni

I think this might be my very favourite free font on the website. It’s a handwritten stylish font where every letter has been carefully created by hand – stunning! This font would be great for posts about cultural city breaks.

Ensure that the fonts you use match your branding, values, blog and other imagery as this will help to create an identity and a brand for your blog.

Woman using a graphic design tablet

Create an interesting headline

The text that you write on the pin needs to draw the user in and make them want to click on it, or save it. Things like “10 things to do in San Francisco” and “Sights you can’t miss in Rome” are good examples of titles that are useful for planning.

Consider SEO for your pins

Using Pinterest as a traffic driver to your blog requires a mindset change about how the platform works. It doesn’t work in the same way as other social media sites like Twitter or Instagram where you post one image and it appears in people’s newsfeeds and then disappears after a certain amount of time.

It works more like a search engine like Google or YouTube. People search for the content they want and a pin can continue to drive traffic to your site for years, if it’s optimised and people are still searching for it.

Therefore you really need to consider SEO and your keywords. A quick tip for this is to type your main keyword into the Pinterest search bar (ie. things to do in Paris) and then Pinterest will suggest other similar keywords. Make sure you add a couple of these into your description.

I’ve recently been trying to up my game on Pinterest but I am by no means a Pinterest marketing expert! I’ve been learning a lot of my tips from the Passive Income Superstars website so check this out if you’d like some further reading on Pinterest.

So these are some of my top tips for creating beautiful pinnable images. Have I missed any out? Let me know in the comments!

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