Most beautiful heart shaped islands in the world

If you are thinking about booking a romantic holiday there is no more appropriate destination than a heart shaped island. Your love would be celebrated in the most romantic place ever. Pack your suitcases and call your beloved and off you go!

Galesnjak Island, Croatia


The wonderful Adriatic sea is made for celebrating love and the island off Galesnjak, Croatia may be just the place you need. You two lovebirds will love this tiny and uninhabited island. Although it does not offer any natural attractions apart from beaches, it has become a global sensation once they discovered it on Google Earth. You can reach this place by flying to the nearest city of Zadar and then take a cruise to Galasnjak. However, there is one thing you need to consider – finding the right accommodation in Zadar as you will not be able to stay overnight at Galasnjak which has no facilities at all! While you are at Galasnjak you can enjoy swimming and camping. Please bear in mind that this island is privately owned and you will need to require a permission to enter it.

Isla Corazón, Argentina

Isla Corazon Argentina
Patagonia may be just what you need to sparkle up the romance in one of the most beautiful areas in the world. Isla Corazon is situated in the middle of Mascardi Lake. Here you can go kayaking, explore the splendid nature and unwind by the water. If you are planning on proposing your beloved, there is no better place to do it than this lover’s island.

Harbor Island, USA

The tiny Harbour Island is located in the Bucks Harbor and is the shape of a heart. You can reach it by boat from nearby places, however, as with Galasnjak, this island to offers no accommodation so you will have to find a place to stay in the vicinity. Here you can enjoy watching the boats sailing past, swim, dive, sunbathe and celebrate your love.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Great Barrier Reef - heart shaped island
If you are planning on visiting Great Barrier Reef there is one sight out there you should definitely see – the Heart Reef. There is no smaller heart island anywhere, this island is only 17 metres in diameter and is part of the Whitsunday Islands. Here you can actually propose to your partner from the air!

Tupai, French Polynesia

Tupai - heart shaped island
There is one small island located north from Bora Bora which you definitely need to check out. In the past you could only fly over this place which is formed into the shape of a heart, as with the Heart Reef, but today we are lucky to be able to explore the island on foot. Just book a flight to Tahiti and enjoy yourselves. If you feel like exploring the surroundings a bit more, you should try a Paul Gauguin cruise. The service is great and the sights you will be able to see are unsurpassed.

The Maldives

The very name of the Maldives has become synonymous with love. The wonderful heart island placed there will make you forget all your troubles and relax in the soothing surroundings. This is a place to suit everybody’s needs. As you feel the wind in your hair, you can have a picnic with a personal butler at your disposal. This romantic place offers accommodation, so you need not go any further once you reach it and you definitely will not want to go anywhere else!

Tavarua Island, Fiji

Fiji Tavarua - heart shaped island
The splendid heart shaped island of Tavarua can be the perfect choice for those in love who want an active holiday. You can go scuba diving, kayaking, snorkelling and surfing here. The island offers a tennis court, a pool and a spa to help you to unwind and enjoy to the maximum.

And one heart shaped lake…

Lake Calvaresc in the Swiss Alps is a beautiful heart shaped lake which offers a refreshing dip to hikers in summer. You can stay nearby in mountain huts in San Bernadino for an active romantic holiday.

If you are considering going on a romantic holiday, be sure to check out the heart shaped islands which will make your romance sparkle as you relax in the most beautiful and intimate locations in the world.

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