8 ideas for a stag do in London


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One for the boys today! If you are planning a stag do, London has an extensive range of choices for hosting the stag party. There are a lot of options for the stag party of the groom with different kinds of setups and entertainment choices that you can choose from. If you find yourself planning a stag do in London, you will be able to find lots of activities to take part in.

Here are eight ideas for stag do parties in London that would be a memorable one for you and your boy squad. The best men can explore some of all these options for giving the groom his last night of freedom before the wedding.

1. The rock n roll tour

The 60s, 70s and 80s were a time when rock n roll was at a peak and music was iconic in London. If your groom is a fan of these times, then take the whole boy squad on a rock n roll tour of the city. The most quintessential rock bands made London their home in the past few decades and you can visit the clubs where they played and the places they hung out. Relive the times of The Clash, Sex Pistols, or Queen with this tour where you can also learn a lot of trivia about your favourite bands.

2. Bowling and karaoke

When your boys need a night out, and you need to impress the groom as a best man, All-Star Bowling can help you to make lasting memories. It hosts a great bowling alley along with a karaoke system to unleash that your inner popstar. The bowling alleys feature vintage vibes showcasing different locations all over London. Also, you enjoy the craft beer that All-Star has during the perfect stag do with the groom and the gang.

3. Pub stag do

What would a stag party for the groom be without drinks and pubs? London has countless pubs which are open until late at night – there’s plenty of nightlife to enjoy in the city. Plan a pub crawl of the city with a challenge to drink something different in each bar. Mobile apps and live city updates can help you to the best pubs – a perfect outing for the groom’s stag party. There are lots of stag do companies in London that can assist the groom’s party with a pub crawl if you don’t want to plan it yourself – select one of their packages for an easy and stress-free stag do.

4. Casinos

Casinos are a great choice for a stag do if you’re in London. One of the perks of selecting a casino as your fun stag do venue is that there are loads of different games under one single roof. Plus, many casinos have their own famous bars in London that would be an advantage for your groom’s bachelor party. You might decide beforehand to split your winnings to ensure a great night out.

5. Great eats

London is home to the best food from all over the world. Take a tour of the famous restaurants for an original stag do. As it’s sometimes said, a way to man’s heart is through his stomach, so good food is essential for the lads. There are lots of famous eateries in London that have been there for years. Try a street food tour of London and savor some renowned delicacies like jellied eels, pie and mash or fish and chips.

6. Escape rooms

If your groom is not a big drinker, then there are lots of other choices for a best man – like escape rooms. These mystery dwellers are a really great way to act as ice-breakers as some of the stag party squad might not know each other. Solve mysteries with the help of your mates and build closer bonds. Make use of puzzles and riddles given to you and add an element of thriller, mystery, and even horror to your stag party with some fun, out of the box mystery room concepts.

7. Stag-limpic Olympics

This is a concept famous in London which involves fun and alcohol. Imagine the groom slightly tipsy trying an egg and spoon race. The stag-limpic games’ organiser divides your group into two different teams where you will have to test your skills. Try this stag do in London with your pals for lots of laughs.

8. Medieval times

London is a city that has a lot of history. If your groom is into that, then have a stag do as they did in medieval times. Host a banquet where you have to eat with your hands and where mead is on tap. For added fun you could all dress up in Medieval outfits – no arguing over who is the jester! Perfect for a lively stag do in London.

There are many places to celebrate a stag party in London. Head over to Evengo for plenty of ideas to help you plan the perfect party.

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