6 amazing houses in the coldest places in the world*

Home is a place where we feel relaxed and comfortable. It often happens that after a long holiday when we return to our home and jump into bed, we feel super relaxed, warm and comfortable – this feeling is almost priceless. However, if your house is located in one of the coldest places in the world like Iceland, Ontario or Denver, then returning home from a warm weather place to your chilly cold house in winter can be a major mood spoiler. But there are a few houses even in these cold places that you would very happily return to irrespective of the extreme weather.

Turf house

Keldur Turf House in South-Iceland

Turf houses are basically houses that are not made out of the regular materials like wood and cement and stone. Instead they are made out of lava stone, turf brick, turf stone and many other materials that help insulation and help combat the extreme weather. They have grass growing on their roofs and they require continuous maintenance. Keldur turf house in south Iceland is said to be the oldest turf house in the area and contains some really ancient stuff from Iceland like an underpass which is said to be from the age of the Sterlung. Its foundation and structure makes it warmer and cosier when the temperature is freezing cold.

The Naugler House (Douglas, New Brunswick)

This passive house is also built keeping environment in mind and it has a spacious living room, perfect for hosting family and friends. The house is airtight and so doesn’t let any heat escape through, ensuring that there are no heat leakages and it is also sound proof, meaning it’s a peaceful place for visitors.  

Turf house in North Iceland

Grenjaðarstaður Turf House in North-Iceland

Turf houses are so warm and cosy, staying in them feels as warm as snuggling up with your hot water bottle. Grenjaðarstaður turf house is another amazing turf house. This hobbit home is said to be the largest turf house in Iceland which is white in colour. It’s an historic icon because it was a vicarage back in 1865 and now is a tourist service center.

Game On, Aspen

This 4,291 square foot home is perfect for some private time and gives you a relaxing experience. This huge house has a gable roof and barely has any unused space. Its heating system and central heating boilers are unique. Plus it has slide pocket doors and seamless lifts to connect the indoor and outdoor flooring. It’s a unique spot for entertainment so note it down.

Hunter House

The Hunter House (Peterborough, Ontario)

This unique house is made out of straw bales and clay based plaster to make it warmer, cosier and more insulated. This house uses environmentally friendly central heating – it relies on the sun, radiant under floor heating and a wood burning stove. So if you are an environmentalist and consider earth as your responsibility then this house is truly an inspiration for you.

Hilltop Residence, Denver

This huge 6132 square foot modern house was built to cater for large gatherings and big families. It was built using walnut and natural stone panelling to keep the house warm. It has exposed beams, clerestory windows and ceiling canopies for insulation and design. So if you are a fan of big creative mansions, you must not miss visiting this spot.

Feeling chilling? Turn on your central heating systems and start feeling warm!

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