How to spend a weekend in Minneapolis*

Minneapolis-St. Paul are Minnesota’s Twin Cities. They’re built around the Mississippi River and known for their cold winters. Minneapolis is home to the longest continuous skyway system anywhere in the world. This indoor pedestrian walkway protects you from the cold, spans 69 blocks, and links lots of the buildings in Minneapolis’ downtown area.

Minneapolis isn’t necessarily the first city you think of when you think about visiting the US, but it could make for a good stopover during a visit to nearby Chicago. Plus, because it’s one of the Twin Cities, you get to visit two cities for the price of one. Here’s how to spend a weekend in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Who knows, you may even enjoy your weekend in this city so much that you start to think about what it would be like to move here on a permanent basis. For some people, this could be a quick and easy decision, but for others, it could require a lot of thinking, such as what is the cost of living like and whether you’ll be able to afford it. But luckily, places similar to Grumdahl Group, ( have detailed the cost of living so this should help to make your decision either. Without spending a weekend here in the first place, you never know if this city could be the location of your dreams.

Things to do

Mill City Museum Minneapolis
Mill City Museum, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Image via?Wikimedia?via quaziefoto

I don’t think there’s a better way to explore a new city than with a walking tour. You get to see so much more on foot than you otherwise would, and there are plenty of tours in Minneapolis. Choose from the Scavenger Hunt Tour, Lakewood Cemetery Tours, or a museum tour. I like the sound of some of the food tours, as they combine two of my favourite things: sightseeing and eating! I also fancy sampling the famous octopus available downtown at Sea Change.

There’s plenty to see and do in Minneapolis, including 55 museums, which is quite a lot for a city that’s just 150 years old. Mill City Museum is dubbed “the most explosive museum in the world” and is carved from the ruins of the world’s largest flour mill. Suitable for all ages, this museum teaches you about the intertwined histories of the flour industry, the river, and the city of Minneapolis.

There’s also the Walker Arts Center, home to visual, performing, and media arts. It’s regarded as a national leader in the art world due to its innovative approaches to audience engagement.


Minneapolis has plenty to keep you busy after hours, including several nightclubs and lounge bars. Rev Ultra Lounge looks pretty awesome. Described as subtle, sophisticated, and elegant, this spot offers table and VIP services.

Weekend brunch

A weekend isn’t a weekend without a brunch, and this?is definitely the best meal to help you recover from a late night.?I like the sound of Buttered Tin in Lowertown St. Paul. Apparently the Buttered Tin Hash with house-made pastrami, potatoes, kale, squash, and egg is to die for.

Where to stay

If you’re looking to visit the Hennepin Avenue Theatre District, the Mill City Museum, and the Walker Arts Center, then downtown is the area for you. Loring Park also lies on the southern edge of downtown, and it’s perfect for evening walks and morning jogs, if you’re looking to keep fit during your visit.

There’s an abundance of great hotels in this area, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. As always with America, the hotel standards are of the highest quality. I like the look of The Grand Hotel because of its excellent location and boutique style.

With all this going on in the city of Minneapolis, it looks like I’ll be adding this city to my USA bucket list.

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