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Beauty blogger, fashion blogger, lifestyle blogger – writing about everything I love and casually mentioning things that I don’t (aka launching a massive rant).

I love clothes. And shoes. And bags. And make-up…And pretty much everything about being a girl. I live in a tiny apartment somewhere in the north which is perfect for me but too small for all my clothes. I also have a dedicated tanning cupboard which is threatening to take over the main bathroom.

I live with my gorgeous dog, Alfie, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who’s more like my baby (if you follow me on Instagram – and if not, then why not?! – you’ll definitely have seen him). Walking him is my favourite exercise since I’m a complete gymophobe. Although I have tried all sorts of exercise classes from kettlebells to pole dancing, I’ve never fallen in love with any of them.

I love travelling and exploring different places and experiencing different cultures, trying new things and having amazing adventures. On my to go to list are: LA, Australia, Copenhagen, Iceland, Stockholm, Thailand and Italy, and my favourite city of all time is London – it’s ace!

I’m a huge girls’ girl but I also love football – I’m a dedicated Derby County season ticket holder – #COYR! You’ll find me cheering and singing along with the rest of the fans – although I do censor out the swear words! My family and my friends mean everything to me and you’ll see them popping up from time to time throughout my blog (although my mum hates that I live my life online – Hi mum, sorry mum.).

My style is…

Different every day! Love chunky knits and leather Ugg boots in winter, and Aztec patterns, laidback maxis and sky high wedges in summer. I’m rather OCD about my wardrobe, wearing things in the order they are hung up. That’s when the pole hasn’t fallen down from the sheer weight of my garments.

I’m not arty, creative or a model so you’ll never see me doing photoshoots in a graveyard – I’m just a normal girl and I love taking selfies – even if they’re not the best quality!

All views are my own, and I do have lots of opinions!

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