Wine review: Malvirà Roero Arneis Renesio 2018

Malvirà Roero Arneis Renesio 2018

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I’ve found that as I’ve got older, my tastes have changed and matured. I love a delicious wine as an accompaniment to a good meal or as an evening/afternoon treat.

I was sent this Malvirà Roero Arneis Renesio 2018 to try from Independent Wine, a UK specialist online shop for premium-quality Italian wines.

I’ve decided not to do any travelling abroad at the moment as the rules are confusing and often changing and I really don’t want to have to quarantine when I get back. So, whilst it is possible to travel to Italy, I think the next best thing is to get a taste of the country by drinking its produce.

White wine

Wine production

Malvirà Roero Arneis Renesio 2018 is made in the Malvirà winery. This is a sustainable, 100% organic winery which is owned by the Damonte family. The wine cellar is nestled deep underground and is heated and cooled by geothermal energy.

It’s also naturally carbon neutral so you can enjoy this wine with a clear conscience. Wine that’s kind to the planet is alright with me!

The wine is made with the Arneis grape which is one of Piedmont’s indigenous grapes which make delicately flavoured wines with elegant aromas.

Award-winning wine

This wine has won Gambero Rosso’s “Three Glasses” award which only around 2,000 wines in the whole of Italy win each year.

Enjoying wine

Taste and flavours

The Malvirà Roero Arneis Renesio 2018 is elegant and refreshing with aromas of elderflower, jasmine and apricot. I found that the apricot and peach flavours really came through whilst I was tasting.

I’m not a huge fan of lots of dry white wines as I sometimes find them a little bit tart and not that drinkable but this one was lovely. I found it super easy to drink and really light and fruity. A really easy afternoon wine.

Pouring wine

Food pairings

I enjoyed this wine on its own on a Sunday afternoon with my mum but it would be lovely with vegetarian, fish and Asian-inspired dishes due to its delicate fragrance.

If you want to find out more about Italy’s finest wines, check out Independent Wine’s knowledge base which is full of essential guides to grapes, wine styles and regions of Italy.

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White wine review

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