Wine review: Francone Valsellera Sparkling Rosé Brut NV

Francone Valsellera Sparkling Rosé Brut NV

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There’s nothing better than a glass of bubbles. Whether you’re celebrating something, having a chilled Saturday brunch with your friends or just really fancy a glass, there aren’t many occasions where I don’t fancy a bit of fizz.

I was delighted when I was sent a bottle of Francone Valsellera Sparkling Rosé Brut NV from Independent Wine. Independent Wine is a specialist online retailer of premium quality Italian wines – basically, my kind of store!

Independent Wine

How the wine is produced

The Francone Valsellera Sparkling Rosé Brut NV is made by award-winning winemaker Fabrizio Francone. It’s made using the classic method which is similar to how champagne is made.

This sparkling rose wine is made using Nebbiolo grapes which are normally used in red wines like Barolo and Barbaresco. The grapes are harvested by hand in late summer in the family’s vineyard in Neive.

The grapes are crushed and then the juice is left in contact with the skins for a few hours. This means that the juice can absorb the Nebbiolo flavours.

The juice is then fermented at 16 degrees and then aged on its lees for three years which is a really long time to age rose for. This extended period of ageing helps to give the wine a delicate, velvety character.

Holding rose wine

Tastes and flavours

This pale ruby wine has notes of raspberry, wild strawberry, vanilla and toasted bread. It’s fruity, fresh and dry.

I think the taste is a little drier than prosecco and is closer to champagne (which I definitely prefer!). It’s a refreshing drink full of bubbles which has a long lasting finish.

Special occasions

Perfect for special occasions

I think this rose is a little more special than your usual bottle of prosecco and therefore it’s best to drink on special occasions. No matter what you’re celebrating – new house, engagement, birthday – this makes the perfect pairing for your party.

I had a couple of glasses of Francone Valsellera Sparkling Rosé Brut NV on a Sunday afternoon so you don’t necessarily need a special occasion to crack open a bottle!

Francone Valsellera Sparkling Rosé Brut NV
If you’re interested in learning more about where your wine comes from and how it’s made, you can visit Independent Wine’s Italian Wine Knowledge Base. This is jam-packed full of interesting information and essential guides about grapes, varieties of wine and Italian wine regions.

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