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Fashion is far bigger than the latest trend or a big brand, although they both matter. The point is that brands and trends are just two of the multiple aspects of fashion as a concept, and that concept goes far beyond the superficial. Today, we are going to take into account both trends and brands, but also various other key factors that determine whether a man is well dressed enough to impress a woman (or not).

Situational awareness

Awareness is so important in fashion and often so underrated these days. Every classic gentleman in the days of old was always aware of their situation, which was what made them such impeccable dressers to begin with.

While the trends in fashion may have changed a lot since then, men can still learn about situational awareness from classic examples such as Richard Gere, Frank Sinatra, and Marlon Brando. It’s not about copying their fashion, but all about noticing how well they adapted their sense of style with the environment in which they were in at any given occasion. Women appreciate a man who knows how to look dashing in a three-piece Armani and a pair of brogues, as well as seamlessly switching to a pair of blue denim jeans, a white tee, and a pair of Givenchy sneakers.

Attention to shoes

The basics of fashion state that a man should start building up his attire for the day by selecting the shoe that he will be wearing on that day. It’s actually sound advice, especially if you are looking to impress the ladies. Women do not just love their own shoes, but they also notice the shoes that men around them are wearing for a social occasion. It would be a bit shallow to say that women judge men by their shoes, but as far judging his fashion sense is concerned, the pair you are wearing will play a huge role without a shadow of a doubt!

So, does it mean that Italian leather is your only choice? Not at all, as it turns out because when put together meticulously, a classy casual or semi-casual look can even surpass the whole suited and booted charm! Let’s take, for example, the red patent Urban Knots Givenchy sneakers, which are perfect for a nice little getaway weekend, or even to wear at a nightclub, provided you can pull it off! However, if you are going to attend a semi-casual party thrown, you should look at the Black Wing Givenchy sneakers, or better yet, the classic black Logo Tape Urban Street Givenchy sneakers. They are both casual and sophisticated enough to be worn with polos, chinos, and even casual shirts without causing a fashion blunder.

You will find these two and pretty much the entire collection of Givenchy sneakers on SSENSE, as well as the complete collection from almost all other designer and luxury brands from around the world there. SSENSE is one of the very few authentic international resellers of designer brand products online, so it’s assuring to know that we are paying for genuine goods and not counterfeit products, which the online market is overflowing with at the moment.

The fit

We cannot stress this particular bit enough, how your clothes fit you is everything. It’s not just about attracting the right type of female attention either, but about how you are perceived all around. A few pointers as stated below can do wonders for a man’s wardrobe and the impression he makes everywhere.

  • Never buy a suit from the rack, irrespective of how well you may think it fits you
  • Always have your suit tailor-made, and make sure you have about three of them available at all times to choose from
  • Do not wear square-toed shoes, even though they are very comfortable!
  • Wear well-fitted, pointy toes; you can relax on the pointy end a bit if you have wide feet
  • A size bigger is worse than a size smaller, but you don’t want to wear either!
  • Baggy clothes make you look unclean, untidy, and represent you as a slacker
  • Clothes, when too tight, make it look like you are trying too hard to show off your gym membership

Just like with all aspects of fashion, balance is everything, and your fit too must be perfectly balanced and always so!

In case you do not agree with some aspects of this list, then that’s alright because personalisation is also an important aspect of fashion. However, these are for the most part, and for most women, the most valuable aspects of a man’s dressing sense. Concentrate on getting them right and you will impress your next date, as long as you also have a charming personality to go with it, of course!

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