What to do if you forget to buy travel insurance


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When we are travelling, travel insurance may not be on the top of our list of things to do. There could be a possibility that you thought that your travel insurance was still valid or that you just simply forgot to buy travel insurance before leaving your home country.

The biggest challenge you then face is trying to buy travel insurance when you are already out of the country, which is why the best travel insurance companies offer their customers the Already Travelling Policy.

The already abroad travel insurance policy offers instant travel insurance to travellers who have already left their home country. This policy is available to all UK and EU residents who are travelling outside their country of residence for less than 18 months. As an anti-fraud measure that has been built into the Already Travelling Policy, you cannot claim insurance for anything for two days after you have bought the policy.

If you have lost something prior to taking out the policy – even if it was just the day before – you cannot claim insurance for that loss. This means that if you lost your camera just before you bought your Already Travelling Policy, you will not be able to file a claim for that lost equipment.

There is one exception to the anti-fraud condition. If you have been injured during an accident or have a serious medical emergency which can be verified or has been witnessed by an independent party, then your expenses for this situation would be covered from the day you purchased the policy.

Travel insurance policies offer customers coverage for over 50 pre-existing medical conditions – as part of their standard coverage. However, with the Already Travelling Policy, if you have a pre-existing medical condition that is not a part of that list (called the No Screen Conditions list), then you would not be eligible for coverage for that condition.

The already abroad travel insurance policy offers its customers some important benefits. There are no hidden costs – what you are quoted is exactly what you pay for.

An excess (also called deductible) in travel insurance is the amount that you need to pay for any claim you have made on your policy. The remainder of the amount is what is paid by the insurer.

You also get the benefit of 24 hour emergency assistance wherever you are. The best part is that this policy also allows you to take part in adventure activities while you are abroad. Travel insurance companies offer Already Travelling Policy buyers cover for more than 60 different types of adventure activities.

Another great benefit with the Already Travelling Policy is that you can get your travel insurance in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is log on to the company’s website, fill in your details, choose the options you want or need and Viola! You have bought your travel insurance policy. Happy travels!

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