What makes a family?*

Family is the single, number one most important thing in my life. But I don’t just count my immediate family (my mum, my dad and my brother) but I also include my wider family (aunties, uncles, cousins, etc), my boyfriend and my best friends and, of course, Alfie (see him in his Christmas jumper here)!

Family is super important to me, especially at this time of year – I think spending time with loved ones is the best thing about the festive season. I do pretty much the same thing every year – an annual dinner with my best friends, the work Christmas party, and Christmas day with my immediate family. And this year I’ve got even more family as I’m spending time with my boyfriend’s family too.

There are less and less of the “traditional” families around now but I don’t think that matters at all – your family is whoever you choose it to be and as long as you love and care for each other then that’s all that really counts (can you tell I’m feeling Christmassy and warm?!).

Since it’s all about family at the moment, Slater and Gordon Lawyers have created this really cute infographic all about what makes a family with some interesting facts about the modern family on it. Some of my favourites include “42% of marriages end in divorce” (YAY, I’m not alone!) and “27% of people define family as whoever you choose it to be”. And I totally agree.

Slater and Gordon infographic

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