How to have the #UltimateShoppingTrip*

Like everyone that’s into fashion, I love a good shopping trip to browse the latest trends and I love to make a day of it with lunch and coffee breaks, especially when I’ve got plenty of money to spend! The art of a successful shopping trip is planning so here are my top tips for the #UltimateShoppingTrip…

Arrive early

Don’t worry I’m not one of those nutters who arrives at the Next Sale at 5am on Boxing Day (Lucy, if you’re reading this – I’m looking at you!), but you should try to arrive at your chosen shopping centre as early as possible in order to maximise your time there. This is especially important if you go on a Sunday when opening hours are reduced. However, don’t tire yourself out – make sure you have plenty of coffee breaks and leave once you’ve had enough.

A delicious lunch

When I’m shopping I like to go to the sit-down restaurants rather than a food court so that it’s not too busy, you don’t have to queue and then carry your food to a table, and you can have a well-deserved rest from a morning of bargain hunting. Also, add a glass of prosecco because…well, why not?!

Plan your route

I should really take my own advice with this one as I’m often one for wandering aimlessly from shop to shop and I end up walking miles and going back and forth. While this might be good for your FitBit step counter, if you’re on a time limit it’s not great…and can be annoying for long-suffering boyfriends or shopping partners. It’s probably best to park at one end of the shopping centre and then walk down to the other end on that floor before walking back to your car on the other floor.

Make a list

If you’re going outfit shopping for a particular occasion or even (dare I mention this in June?!) Christmas shopping, rather than just a browse, it’s best to write a list of exactly what you need and what shops you’d like to go in so that you don’t forget anything. Don’t feel you have to stick to it though – impulse buying is not frowned upon here!

Tie in your trip with an event

Most shopping centres now have events happening inside – fashion shows, exhibitions and more – I recently went to the Intu Nottingham Spring Style event. Most cities have special events in their shopping centres or city centres. For Liverpool events, Liverpool One is a great example. Evening events are also a great way to finish the day.

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