Triumph Underwear Review*

Triumph underwear

You’ll probably remember from my Panache underwear review that I am absolutely terrible with buying underwear. I go for years without getting my bra size measured and I never think to buy new underwear. However, when you get a decent set of women’s underwear, it doesn’t just affect how you look under your clothes, but it shows on the outside too. A well-fitting bra can give you a great shape, making your body look way better than when you’re wearing an old faded bra with straps that fall down on the shoulders (you know the ones I’m talking about girls!). I’ve been considering a breast augmentation, and maybe one day I’ll have enough saved up to go for it but until then, the right bra can do wonders for your silhouette.

I was lucky enough to get sent the Triumph Beauty-Full Basics WHP Padded Balconnet Bra and the Beauty-Full Basics Hipster Brief to match for review. I haven’t owned a black bra for a while and so I was really excited for the Triumph underwear to arrive. I was a little worried that the sizing would be wrong, as I had previously measured a 28 and the smallest size here was a 32. I did the old “up a back size, down a cup size” trick to work out my Triumph size and luckily it worked an absolute treat. Triumph is a brand that I have heard of before but I’d always associated it with old-fashioned, plain and boring bras, which is certainly not the case.

triumph model

Disclaimer – this is not me but the model from the Need Undies website – I’m still not confident enough to post in my underwear just yet!

When my Triumph underwear set arrived I literally couldn’t wait to try it on and as soon as I got it on I was so pleased with it. The bra gave me a great shape and was supportive but natural-looking – I had chosen a bra without padding as I feel I don’t really need it (!). The bra was also super comfy and didn’t dig in to my chest or back, as some bras have a habit of doing. In fact, it really felt as if I wasn’t wearing one at all. I also liked how the matching briefs were just that, briefs rather than a thong. These are really flattering, both covering and showing just enough.

As well as the support and comfort, I also love the contemporary design of this Triumph underwear set. Simple and understated but with a little bit of detail on the cups and a silky-to-the-touch finish, it’s really sexy without trying too hard and can be worn as either an every day bra or one for certain special occasions.

I loved the underwear so much that I took it with me on holiday to Dubai and I didn’t want to wear any other bra all week, in fact I now can’t wait to get it out of the wash!

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