Travel tips for a successful cross-country motorcycle road trip*

When you love to ride, one of the best ways to open your bike up is by taking a road trip. Motorcycles are designed for travelling long distances and can be a great way to spend some alone time. A lot of bikers like to treat themselves to new equipment and tune-ups to make their rides even more enjoyable. Check out this site if you want to treat yourself to an integrated bluetooth helmet. They’re often a lot more affordable than taking a car and can get you where you want to be a lot faster. If you’re going to enjoy your excursion on the open road, you’ll want to plan ahead to ensure that you’re safe while cruising down the open road. Below are some suggestions to keep in mind during your planning.

Choose your destination and route ahead of time

Travelling aimlessly across the country can lead to a lot of wasted time and money. When planning your motorcycle road trip, be sure to choose your destinations and stops ahead of time. What locations do you want to see most? Which places will you stop temporarily? You’ll need to know the answers to these questions in order to determine your route. Though you may have a GPS system, familiarising yourself with the roadways is ideal for travel safety.

Check your insurance

Accidents, unfortunately, happen every day and you need to be prepared. Outside of being a safe driver and following the traffic laws in the locations you travel to, you also need to have coverage in the event of an accident. motorcycle insurance is very affordable and provides financial coverage should you get hurt or be involved in an accident while you’re travelling. If you have an insurance policy, find out if there is anything you need to know about travelling across the country and ensure that you have adequate coverage before hitting the road. If you’re unfortunate enough to be involved in a motorcycle accident, we recommend you check out Sacramento motorcycle accident lawyers. They provide some really critical legal advice that is great to have to hand if the worse were to happen.

Get the bike serviced

No matter how new your bike is, how few miles there are on it, or how great of a rider you are, you can never be too safe. Before going on your road trip, you should have your motorcycle looked at by a mechanic. Whether it’s getting an oil change or repairing your tires, you want to make sure that your bike can get you safely there and back on your road trip. It is also a great idea to have the right deal on your motorcycle insurance. My friend got a fantastic quote from Money Expert and they are so happy with the savings. Buying and choosing a motorbike can be difficult. Check out a website like Silodrome if you want to read some reviews before buying to ensure you make the correct choice of bike.

Check the weather

Unlike a car that has additional shielding from the bad weather, when you’re riding a motorcycle, you don’t have the same protection from weather like rain, heavy wind, or snow. Therefore, you’re going to want to plan ahead by checking the weather for the period you intend to travel and areas you intend to travel to. It doesn’t hurt to pack protective gear like a raincoat as the weather can sometimes be unpredictable. Remember also, when you’re on a bike your body is completely exposed to the temperatures, dressing in layers can help keep you warm during cool nights.

Pack light

Though you may have a place to store a small bag on your motorcycle, you’re dealing with limited space. Rather than bog yourself down, you’ll need to learn a few tricks to packing light. For instance, instead of packing several outfits, pack one or two neutral colored pairs of jeans or leggings and then a few varying tops to match. You can mix and match the items to create different looks. Packing travel-sized toiletries, packing light items like t-shirts and shorts, and shoes that can match multiple outfits are other ways to lighten the load.

Stop often

It takes a lot more energy to ride a bike than it does to drive a car, and for this reason, you need to stop frequently to regroup. This includes taking a break from riding, getting something to eat, and re-hydrating. Your stops don’t have to be too long if you’re on a schedule but should provide you enough time to fuel up again before getting back on your motorcycle.

Sure, flying is great and gets you where you want to go a lot faster, but there’s something about an old-fashioned road trip that just makes a trip more meaningful. If you have an opportunity to take a road trip by car or by motorcycle, be sure to plan ahead to avoid any drama along the way. This way, you can spend more of your time enjoying what you encounter along the way.

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