Top tips for travelling the UK on a budget

Travelling on a budget

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Who said that you can’t travel while on a budget? While you may need to think a little more carefully about the choices you make, the reality is that with enough consideration, travelling should be accessible regardless of the amount of money you have got tucked away.

The UK is a popular travel destination for many tourists from both overseas and closer to home. Thanks to its stunning scenery, rich local culture and fascinating history, it is a truly unique part of the world and continues to attract numerous visitors each and every year.

These people will travel to the UK on a multitude of different budgets, ranging from lavish money-no-object visitors to your everyday budget tourists. As a result of its diversity, the UK has a wide range of options available to suit travellers of any budget. However, as many travellers will tell you, it’s not availability that’s the problem – it’s finding the best options at the right prices!

To help you get the most out of your next visit to the UK, here are some top tips to help you save money and maximise the potential of your trip.

Shop around

Often, the best deals aren’t going to be the ones that are plastered across homepages or travel agent’s windows. If you want a good deal, the chances are that you will have to work for it. Make sure to spend a good amount of time thoroughly researching all the options that are available to you and don’t discount things before you’ve properly looked into them. After all, you never know when you might discover a hidden gem!

Low cost doesn’t mean low quality

Just because you are looking to save money, you don’t have to settle for a substandard hotel room or miss out on something you wanted to see because of the price. If you look hard enough, a solution is almost always there to be found! For instance, hotels, B&Bs and guest houses will often offer discounts or lower their prices for a whole host of reasons, ranging from dates and availability to special events. A good trick is to book your trip at the last minute, as this can often result in much-reduced rates being offered as hoteliers look to fill unoccupied rooms and recoup their costs.

Travelling on a buget


Whether you are looking for a low-cost Nottingham hotel or are planning to embrace the great outdoors with a tent under the stars, your accommodation should be one of the first things you get sorted. Food can easily be picked up along the way, but having somewhere to rest your head at night is essential for your health and ensuring you enjoy your trip without unnecessary worries.

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Stick to your budget

While it can understandably be tempting to splash out on a night in your dream hotel room or that tantalising three-course dinner, the reality is that your budget must last you for the entire duration of your trip. Therefore, if you blow your allowance through unnecessary spending early on, how will you fund the rest of your getaway? Think twice before every purchase and you should be able to curb any bad spending habits.

Make it a collaborative effort

Sometimes, joining up with others and sharing the cost is a great way of reducing your personal costs while travelling. Not only this, but it also carries the additional benefit of ensuring you have someone you know and trust with you – this can be a lifesaver should something go wrong and you end up stuck in an unfamiliar place!

Are you feeling inspired yet? The UK is a wonderful part of the world and with so much to explore, you will probably find yourself booking a return trip before too long!

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