Top 5 tips for eco travel

Tips for eco travel

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Over the past couple of months, I have become more concerned about the environment and I want to be as eco-friendly as possible to help protect the world for future generations. With the increase in media coverage and more businesses doing their bit to look after the planet, I thought I’d share my top tips for eco travel. These are super easy tips that we can all do so read on for some sustainable travel inspo.

1. Book non-stop flights

Not only is it less hassle to book direct flights but it’s also more environmentally friendly as it’s taking off and landing that creates most of an aeroplane’s carbon emissions. It might be slightly more expensive to fly direct but I think you can more than make up for the extra money you’ve spent with the extra time you get at your final destination.

2. Grab yourself an electric bike

Everyone knows that cycling is a really eco-friendly way to explore, plus it’s a great way to see a new city, but a road bike can be slightly awkward, especially if you’re hopping on and off public transport. The Brompton Electric is easy to fold up, charge and carry so you can take it everywhere you need to go.

3. Stay in hostels

I love staying in hostels and they are usually more environmentally aware than large hotel chains. Make use of their self-catering facilities and the recycling programme that they have there and if you have any leftover food, leave it on the free food shelf to minimise waste.

4. Take a reusable bottle

The plastic thing. I’ve only started thinking about this in the last couple of months when I’ve become aware of the affect that all the plastic we use has on the world’s oceans. A lot of European cities have water fountains available so you can fill up your reusable bottle as you’re walking round, or ask at bars and your hotel. Here are a few more ways to reduce your plastic usage.

5. Clean up on your hikes

If you’re on a countryside break, or taking a walk on the beach, take a small bag with you and pick up any litter that you see on your way. Not only does this help prevent causing harm for local wildlife but it also makes the area more pleasant for any subsequent visitors. I’m really hoping to do a beach clean soon and, if you bring your friends, it can be a really fun way to do something great.

What are your top tips for eco travel? Let me know in the comments!

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