Top 3 travel bucket list destinations

Anyone who’s a regular reader of my blog will know that I annoy everyone with my “I want to go there!” whining. If I’ve seen somewhere on TV or read about it in a magazine then without a doubt I’ll want to go there. There are so many amazing places to travel to, that I’m definitely going to find it difficult to narrow it down to just three to write this blog post! In fact, I found it difficult to narrow it down to ten destinations for my 10 places I want to travel to post, but here goes…

1. Sitting on the Hollywood sign – LA, California, USA

I’m not actually sure that this is allowed but I’ve seen it on countless American TV programmes (namely 90210 – remember that scene where that creepy Jasper tries to kill himself by jumping off it?!) and I’d love to see the sign in person, if not actually sit on it. Add to that roller skating down Venice Beach, posing with the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and tucking into a huge and delicious juicy burger and you’ve got a ready made American Dream. I love America and it would be a dream to do a road trip along the west coast, taking in San Francisco, LA and Las Vegas – see I told you I’m not satisfied with visiting one place!

2. Taking a ride on a gondola – Venice, Italy

My parents were lucky enough to visit Venice last year for my mum’s 50th birthday (I know, I know, she doesn’t look it!) and they had the best time ever. I’ve never visited Italy which is really crazy when you think it’s only a two and a half hour plane journey away and it’s been on my must-visit list for at least six years. Again, I’d love to do a road trip (do you see a theme occurring here?!) and visit Rome, Florence, Sorrento, Lake Garda, Milan and everywhere else in between. I’ve got totally romantic notions in my head of taking a ride on a gondola on the Grand Canal before strolling hand in hand through the tiny cobbled streets with Mr P and finishing off the evening with a huge plate of pasta and a couple of glasses of vino. Well, when in Rome Venice right?!

3. The Northern Lights – Iceland

Northern Lights
The Northern Lights are a fairly recent addition to my travel bucket list (and I’m talking the last couple of years) but they’re definitely something I’d love to see. Northern Lights is the commonly known name for Aurora Borealis, an amazing natural light show mainly visible in the arctic circle. It’s created by charged particles, protons, electrons and all sounds rather science-y but the images that I’ve seen are simply breathtaking. I’d love to visit the hot natural spa, take a husky ride and maybe even stay in the ice hotel (although that might be a little chilly).

There’s so much travelling and so little time – I don’t know how we’re going to fit it all in! Mine and Mr P’s next trip is to Portugal at the beginning of May and then we’re off to New York for New Year’s and then it’ll be time to plan our next break!

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