Toad Diaries*

Toad Diaries
Now I don’t know about you but I find it pretty much impossible to keep on top of everything going on in my life. It’s even ramped up a notch now that it’s summer – I have one or two blogging events a week, plus various social occasions and on top of all that a full time job! I was so pleased when I met the guys from Toad Diaries at the #bloggersball in London way back at the beginning of June (how time flies!).

I’d heard of Toad Diaries before, and I know lots of bloggers rave about them so, never wanting to miss on anything, I got myself in on the action! Toad Diaries are completely personalised. I chose the cloud print for mine as it looks a little Cath Kidston inspired which matches my phone, my personal diary and my mirror, and everyone loves a handbag full of matching accessories.

Toad Diaries
You can also choose how you want your pages to view. I went for a page a day as, with so many blogging events, products to review and sponsored posts to keep track of, I really need a lot of space.

And the very best thing about Toad Diaries? No, it isn’t the complete personalisation – you can even pop your own title and tagline on the front AND back – no, not the flexible space so you can write as much or as little as you like…it’s the fact that you can start your diary from whatever date you want! Yep, no more waiting for the new year to buy one, or cursing if you’ve forgotten to buy a diary and it’s already March – just pick the date you want to start on and it shall be done!

Find out more about Toad Diaries and order your own personalised diary here.

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