Time For Something New

I’ve been shopping twice this week but luckily for me, this time my M and D (or mum and dad, to give them their full titles!) wanted to take me to get my Christmas presents, YAY!

I had decided to get a watch for Christmas as I desperately needed one after my old one broke. I looked round every single watch shop in Meadowhall and finally decided on one. A beautiful rose gold Michael Kors bracelet watch. A very grown-up label for me since I had previously had a GUESS watch, I felt this was a good progression!

Michael Kors, £199

I bought mine from Goldsmiths the jewellers (where I also happened upon some lovely engagement rings, Boyf take note!) however you can get it online, I’ve seen it on ASOS.com.
So roll on 25th December when I will see my beautiful new watch again, and not a moment before as it has been beautifully giftwrapped! And I’ll never have to ask the time again!

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