The Clothes Show Live

Tuesday, 6th December came around and me and one of my besties headed to Birmingham for The Clothes Show Live. We had bought ourselves Platinum tickets (£39) rather than Standard ones (£27) as we wanted all the extras! When we arrived we collected our goody bags, which weren’t up to all that much really. Mine contained lots of free raisin cereal (I don’t like raisins), Nivea samples and a white T-shirt with red writing saying Let It Snow in a medium size (I’m a size 6). The best thing about the goody bag, apart from the map so we could find our way round the exhibits, was the fake nail kit.

I felt really overwhelmed as we walked into the exhibitors hall – clothes and make up EVERYWHERE! It was like heaven! I felt that the make up stands were better than the clothes ones as there weren’t many branded clothes, there were a lot of vintage-y and boutique-y type stalls where it was necessary to rummage to find the best things. Among the make up stands were Bourjois, Rimmel and my fave Benefit. However, I was quite disappointed with Benefit as they were only offering a couple of pounds off each item.

During the day there were catwalk shows hosted by Jeff Brazier (my friend was very happy about this!) and meet and greets with various celebs and non celebs. The first catwalk show we saw was the OK one which featured lots of different themes and some of Tulisa’s dresses that she had worn on the X Factor.

We were sat in the front row and the models looked amazing, they were so tiny and skinny it almost made me skip my lunch. But don’t worry, I did manage to wolf down a chicken burger and chips! However, I have decided I want to look for a personal shopper to help me find the perfect outfits to suit my body shape and size. I had so much inspiration from the catwalk, I want to switch up my style but I just need some expert help so I can do it right.

We queued for about twenty minutes to get into the Juicy Couture stall but when we got inside it looked as if it had been ransacked! There was no sign of any of the nice bags or the t-shirts, all we could find were velour tracksuits and huge bags in all sorts of lurid colours! We had better luck at the Paul’s Boutique stall which had another queue. I managed to bag a Large Maisy bag in Zebra and Nude for £30 which is just over half off the original retail price of £61.

Paul’s Boutique, £61

I absolutely love it as well! I had been wanting the cream and black Maisy for ages so when I saw this at such a good price I had to get it. Just the right size for fitting in all my essentials, this is some pretty eye catching arm candy.

After that I needed a sit down, so decided to get someone to clip some extensions in for me. I went to ‘Hair in a Moment’ where it was £30 for 18 inches of real human hair in six pieces, which is actually quite a lot of hair! I had previously been looking for hair extensions from Foxy Locks, on recommendation from one of my besties which start at about £56 for the least thick.


Ignore my goofy face, we’re looking at the hair extensions here!


The highlight of the day was definitely the main catwalk and dance show in the main theatre. The dancing was amazing and we managed to blag ourselves onto the front row so we got a really good view of everything. The male models were absolutely gorgeous and had amazing bodies (this is from an objective viewpoint of course). Plus we got to see The Risk and Kimberley Wyatt perform and it was hosted by George Lamb and Britain’s Next Top Model judge Grace Woodward.
Around the exhibition you could get your make up done, false eyelashes applied, lips painted glittery, hair styled, acrylic nails applied and just about everything you could think of, so next year I am going to plan to have a night out after the show so I can get everything done there and it won’t go to waste!
I also visited the Fake Bake stand where I shamelessly picked up another bargain. Because I am obsessed with fake tanning, I greedily purchased another moisturising gradual tan, Fake Bake Tanning Butter for Dry Skin at a bargain price of £10 (usually £17.50). I’ll let you know how this one turns out!
I’m definitely going to be visiting the Clothes Show again next year but I will make sure I save up more money and be prepared to do some rummaging to find those bargains!

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