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I’ve struggled in the past to get fully integrated with the “blogging community” – mainly because it’s tricky for me to go to meet ups as I live in the middle of nowhere and also because of my lack of spare time. I’m a part time blogger and I don’t make enough from my blog for it to become my career just yet and so I have to fit in blogging around my job as and when I can. This means that creating content is my priority and some of the other work which you need to do for a successful blog kind of falls by the wayside a little bit.

I finally got my act together a few months ago and joined all manner of blogger networking groups on Facebook and followed and joined in with the blogger chats on Twitter. I’ve found that I’m sort of in two minds about the blogger community and I’ve been wanting to say something for a while but have never quite dared. But what better platform to be honest than your blog right?
It’s great for meeting like minded people
It’s really nice to chat with people who are going through some of the same things as you are and I’ve made some great “virtual” friends through these platforms.
You can get answers to all your questions
Wondering how to set up a blog, use a certain app or widget or curious about WordPress? You can ask on any of the groups and you can bet your bottom dollar some helpful blogger will be along soon to give you some advice. On here we can use each other’s expertise or knowledge to mutually benefit our blogs.
There are some great opportunities on there
From guest blogging to samples to sponsored posts, there are a lot of people with blogging opportunities active on these groups. I’ve found guest bloggers on there and even guest posted on a couple of blogs myself. But it’s not just bloggers who like to use guest posts to help them expand their audience. Businesses also like to use this method to help them to improve their search engine optimization. It could be important to the success of your business or blog that you make sure you do your research first, as some agencies give away their guest posting tricks so this could help you in the long run if you decide to check out their advice before deciding to proceed with this marketing idea. This could be a great opportunity for the development of your business or blog.
Some bloggers won’t do anything for free
Every other day there’s a post on one of these groups complaining that companies want something for nothing. If you’re in these groups, you’ll know them:
“Got emailed by a PR asking me to feature their new make-up brand on my blog. When I asked what their budget was they replied they didn’t have one so I just deleted it!”
Of course companies want something for nothing, they are BUSINESSES and the way that businesses make money is by spending little and getting large returns. I don’t know if it’s just because I work in blogger outreach on the other side of the fence as well but it really grates on me that some bloggers have no concept of building relationships or getting other benefits, they just see the pound signs.
The like/share/follow threads
I am split on these as well. On the one hand it’s great to get as many likes and shares on your posts and your social media profiles as possible and the more you get, the more likely that you’ll reach more people and your blog will get read. However, from working in social media I’ve learned that there’s no point having likers that aren’t engaged with your content and the less engaged they are, the less they’ll see it. It can be challenging to build a following on social media, so finding a service that can help you develop your online presence and extend your reach is still a triumph. Fortunately, a company like SidesMedia does that, giving you the tools you need to reach your audience. Although bloggers will of course be interested in reading other blogs, you might not be interested in the topics.
For example, thanks to these threads I’ve found myself following lots of “mummy bloggers” when I hate kids! And when is it ok to unfollow? Is it courtesy to keep following them forever or is it up to them to keep you engaged so that you don’t leave? But of course, I’ll still take part in these threads!
So that’s how I feel – what do you guys think?

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