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Mykonos is famous for its lively nightlife and extravagant parties, attracting thousands of travellers from around the world. The island also features some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and great diving and snorkelling spots to complete the set.

To make it even better, Mykonos is suitable for every type of traveller. Whether you are on a tight budget or you are planning a luxurious trip to Mykonos, here are the tips to keep in mind on how to best enjoy the island.

Give yourself plenty of time

Mykonos really has a lot to offer. You can visit the sacred site of Delos and admire the ancient Greek ruins. You can spend the entire day in Ftelia and simply relax by the gorgeous beach. You also have a lot of interesting museums and other attractions to explore.

The first thing you want to know about enjoying the best of Mykonos is the fact that you want to give yourself a lot of time. Keep your itinerary relaxing rather than packed so you can always make detours and explore new, interesting spots you find while on the island.

There is always a party

Visiting Mykonos during high season is not always recommended. The island is a very popular destination among travellers from around the world, so you can imagine how crowded it can be during peak season. As demand grows, the prices of accommodation and other amenities go up too.

Try timing your visit to Mykonos to avoid the high season. Visiting Mykonos before June is highly recommended. You can also opt for an October or November trip, especially since the weather on the island is warm and comfortable all year round.

Book a villa

Mykonos is best enjoyed in complete luxury and you can now find a luxurious Mykonos villa to book without a problem. Staying in villas is often more valuable than staying in hotels; it is certainly more comfortable than spending your vacation in hostels or other budget options. You can secure the best villa for your trip online. Check out the award winning Loyal Villas Luxury for some great options. One of Loyal Villas Luxury’s properties, the Dream Estate, is a fantastic 16-bedroom villa with stunning views of the surrounding landscape and even more beautiful architecture.

Do some island hopping

Just because you are staying in Mykonos, doesn’t mean you cannot visit other Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. Going on an adventure and hopping from one island to the next is also a great thing to do in Mykonos – this is why you want to keep your itinerary light.

Aside from regular ferries, there are overnight ferries that will take you to different islands in the area. For the best experience – and the best deals – book your ferries early and enjoy up to 25% in discounts as well as more options to choose from. You can organise your itinerary around these schedules.

Mykonos is a fantastic place to visit throughout the year and the tips and tricks covered in this article will help you enjoy the best of the island even more. You will have a fantastic time exploring the island and its attractions.

Places to stay in Mykonos

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