Taking A Second Look

On Saturday night, I did the unthinkable. No, not getting ridiculously drunk to the point where I couldn’t remember my own name (although that did happen too), but I am talking about wearing a look I had previously, vehemently condemned! As I had no new clothes to wear on what was supposed to be a chilled night out with some friends, I decided to recycle a top that had seen Mallorca but never seen my home town. And, as it was cold, pair the top with leggings. No problem right? However, the top was a CROP TOP! Meaning I had nothing to cover the leggings at the back OR the front, I was literally exposed! And I’ve decided I LOVED IT! And I will never again bitch about girls wearing short tops and leggings. Unless they look rubbish.

Leggings and a short top? Judge for yourself! By the way – I am clearly breathing in on this pic!

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