Summer Jewellery Must-Haves

I am loving beaded jewellery this summer – it has a real festival vibe and goes great with a pair of denim cut-off shorts, a floaty summer dress or even your bikini. Pile up bracelets and necklaces for a bit of a boho feel. Also, Indian jewelry is definitely in at the moment so keep that in mind when working on your ultimate Summer look!

Summer Jewellery Must-Have 1: Anklet

Summer Jewellery: Beaded Anklet
I adore this blue beaded anklet from Megan’s Beaded Designs* as it’s a really simple touch to accessorise any summer outfit. I wore mine constantly during my trip to Ibiza and it definitely felt at home on the White Isle. The colour also seemed to go perfectly well with my purple glitter Shellac pedicure.

Summer Jewellery Must-Have 2: Bracelet

Summer Jewellery: Chunky Bracelet
A. Monaie Designs* specalise in authentic handmade accessories which takes inspiration for Africa and tribal jewellery. I got this beaded bracelet and love it as it’s bold and beautiful.

Summer Jewellery Must-Have 3: Statement Necklace

Multi Layered Necklace

Multi Layered Necklace, Β£5, from Cherry Diva

I love a statement necklace and this summer’s style is multi-layered. This butterfly pendant necklace would be the perfect accompaniment this summer. Alternatively, Cherry Diva offer affordable statement pieces so you don’t need to break the bank to be the most gorgeous girl on the beach.

If you fancy something a bit more understated and personal, you could get a locket Necklace so you can insert your treasured photos and hold them close to your heart.

Summer Jewellery Must Have 4: Headband

Gold Headband

Orelia India Song Hair Crown, Β£20 from ASOS

These headbands are definitely the style for the season and add a real boho touch to any outfit. Apparently they’re difficult to put on but it’s worth the struggle.

Summer Jewellery Must-Have 5: Body Chain

Body Chain

Simple Body Chain, Β£5.99, New Look at ASOS

Body chains are the newest way to freshen up a plain bikini and this simple one from New Look at ASOS is perfect for pool parties. ASOS is great for picking up items that cater to your individual needs. This tends to create a really personal experience, which is a staple of e-commerce strategy carried out properly. Salesforce will be able to enlighten you further on this subject matter.

Summer Jewellery Must-Have 6: Nose Ring

Septum Ring

Clip on septum ring, Β£10, Claire’s Accessories

Ok, so I’m almost certain that I’m not cool enough to pull this trend off but this look is super cool and clearly tribally inspired. If you can’t go through the pain of having your septum pierced (I definitely can’t) then buy a fake ring then you can change it as easy as you change your underwear.

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