Summer dress style tips

Ok, so I’ve been waiting until the weather gets a little better to post this one (mainly so I could take some amazing pics in the sunshine)…but it’s not looking like it’s going to and today has been the best day weather-wise for ages – so here goes. I’ve been working on my summer wardrobe for a couple of months and obviously dresses are a staple part of that, so here are my summer dress tips.

Summer dress tip 1: Maxi dresses

maxi dress
No summer wardrobe is complete without a staple maxi dress. I love a bold print and bright colours for summer. This Joanna Hope print maxi dress* from JD Williams is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for any summer occasion like a christening or garden party. They have plenty more gorgeous summer dresses available on their website.

Summer dress tip 2: Black is back

Everyone says to avoid dark colours in summer as they make you hotter but we’ve not really needed to worry about that this year. Black looks amazing on blondes and I wore this dress from Tesco to the #bloggersball last month.

Summer dress tip 3: Flatter your figure

Figure flattering
Make sure you choose the right dress for your shape. I love this stripy number from Topshop as it really cinches in around my waist and flatters that – great for curvy girls!

Summer dress tip 4: All the pastels

Pastel dresses
Pastels are obviously great for spring and can be carried all the way into summer as well. I love nudes and blushes. This mini dress is from New Look and that dashingly handsome chap in the picture is my dad!

Summer dress tip 5: …playsuits

My last summer dress tip isn’t even about dresses at all – it’s playsuits! I’ve been a big fan of a playsuit for a long time and they’re an easy alternative to a dress. I picked this one up for about £5 from eBay from a Chinese seller and got lots of compliments when I wore it in Ibiza (although my boyfriend says it makes me look like a tea set). Unfortunately, the fabric is super thin and it ripped when I washed it so I had to throw it out, but cost per wear it didn’t really matter!

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