Sugar Baby Coconut & Raw Sugar Exfoliating Body Scrub review*

Sugar Baby body scrub
The first thing that hit me when I received the Sugar Baby Coconut & Raw Sugar Exfoliating Body Scrub was the branding. In short – it’s awesome. Sugar Baby is an Australian skin care and lifestyle brand created by sisters Lizie and Nicci Clifton and it’s typically Australian, which I adore. It’s all sunkissed beach culture and balmy tropical evening breezes and the design of the packaging totally reflects that – it’s all bleached out sunsets and palm trees.

Australia is number one on my travel wish list so I’m pretty into this product range.

I’ve been using this body scrub since my holiday to Skiathos earlier this month. It’s really important to look after your skin post-tanning and, contrary to popular belief, exfoliating post-holiday doesn’t get rid of your tan. This body scrub is a little drier in consistency and so my usual body scrub routine doesn’t really work, so I have to go to plan B.

My alternative body scrub routine

In the shower, wash first with shower gel and then shave any bits that need it. Once this has been done, work body scrub all over and massage in to the skin. Leave for a minute and then rinse well. After your shower, apply plenty of moisturiser to keep your skin buffed and polished.

Designed to detoxify and exfoliate the skin, this Sugar Baby body scrub tightens and tones the skin, especially around the thighs and stomach area. It has a gorgeous natural fragrance as it contains coconut oil, and so everything about this product screams holiday to me.

The consistency of this body scrub is just like brown sugar and butter and butter – almost like the ingredients of a cake. I’m not sure I can think of a better way of starting my day than showering in cake ingredients!

Sugar Baby skin care products are available in the UK from Superdrug.

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