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Vatican City

Rome Travel Diary Day 3

On our third and final full day in Rome we decided to try to walk to the Appian Way and the Catacombs where Romans were buried outside of the city walls. We had a...

Trevi Fountain

Rome Travel Diary Day 2

Day 2 was our first full day in Rome and, after a great night’s sleep in the Hotel Miami, we were keen to take our sightseeing up a notch. We stopped for a quick...


Rome Travel Diary Day 1

We flew from Manchester to Rome Ciampino with Ryanair. I know what you’re thinking – Ryanair eugh – but when I’m flying budget or short haul, I almost always fly with Ryanair. They are...

Daytime look 2

What I wore in: Rome

It’s pretty well known that Italy is full of fashionistas and all-round style queens. Italians love to look impeccably groomed and are slaves to their designer labels. Here’s what I wore when I visited...

Trevi Fountain

Rome travel tips

We’ve just come back from my first trip to Italy which I surprised my boyfriend with for his birthday. We had the very best time sightseeing, eating lots of pasta and drinking plenty of...


Guest post: Pastel vs. monochrome fashion trend 

A wise person once said: “Problem with opinions is that everyone has one and everyone else’s is wrong.” There is an ongoing debate about whether it’s better to follow the centuries old monochrome black-and-white...