Review: Swimshop Funkita Cubism Chaos Bikini*

Swimshop Funkita Bikini
I love swimming as a way of keeping fit but you definitely need a different variety of swimwear from when you’re sunbathing. Halterneck tops and bandeaus give you the fear of falling out giving a whole new meaning to the words breast stroke and skimpy bottoms are just too uncomfortable when you’re doing lengths. However, I hate wearing a swimming costume as I find them really unflattering around my tummy, which is one of my problem areas.

Funkita Cubism Chaos
This Funkita bikini from Swimshop is the perfect solution to all of these problems. Structured like a sports bra with a racer back, the top of the bikini is super supportive which, as a woman, is definitely what you need when doing any kind of exercise. The bottoms cover everything and are a little more high rise than usual briefs. The material of the bikini is quite sturdy and stretchy, keeping everything close to your body and thus increasing how streamline you are when gliding through the water.

Swimshop Fitness Bikini
I adore the pattern on this one. It’s kind of retro 90s which made me feel a little bit like a cross between a year 6 swimming lesson, Mr Motivator, Saved by the Bell and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air – but in an awesome way. The neon orange trim is also great with a tan.

Funkita Bikini
This bikini is also great for if you’re planning on visiting a water park during your holiday. Ever gone down a slide and clutched helplessly at each piece of material for fear of scarring all the children around you for life? This is the solution. It’s not the kind of bikini you can sunbathe in, as it covers far too much flesh and would leave you with crazy tan lines, so you’ll need to pack your itsy bitsy ones too.

Swimshop Bikini

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