Restaurant Review: Wasabisabi, Sheffield

Wasabisabi Japanese Sheffield

Although it used to have a bit of a bad rep, London Road in Sheffield is fast becoming one of the city’s culinary hotspots. With restaurants showcasing dishes from across the world from Mexico to Thailand and everywhere in between, food lovers will find something to please every palette here.

Wasabisabi is a Japanese restaurant named (twice) after the country’s horseradish-like plant which is made into a spicy paste as an accompaniment for main dishes (personally, I’m not a huge fan). Diners can choose to eat in the restaurant or at the Teppanyaki table where your party sit around the table and, sushi haters rejoice, the chef cooks your dinner while you watch. It’s a communal dining experience – as the tables are quite large, you may be next to a quiet couple or a rowdy birthday party but that’s half the fun of it.

Miso Soup

I was a little worried about going to be honest as I associated Japanese food with sushi and little else and I thought I didn’t like sushi (actually turns out I do which I found out at the #EastMidsMeetUp) There’s a selection of set menus to choose from, with seafood based, meat-heavy, mixed and vegetarian options. All of the choices include miso soup, rice and crepes for desert. There are prawns, lobster and scallops on offer for fish lovers and steak and chicken options for the meatier amongst us. All the food is great quality and cooked to absolute perfection. I picked a fish heavy dish with king prawns and scallops which was amazing – the seafood was juicy and succulent and truly delicious. The food is heavily seasoned with garlic, so you may want to stay away if you’re a vampire!

Tepenyaki restuarant

From setting the hot plate on fire to getting the guests to catch bits of egg (for the egg fried rice, in case you were wondering) in their mouths, the chefs are real show men and eating here is not just a meal out but a real experience. In case you were wondering, I didn’t manage to catch the egg! Top tip: keep your head still and let the chef aim for your mouth. The staff are also really friendly and provide really great service, keeping diners well topped up with wine. It’s not a fast food option, you can easily spend a couple of hours or more here, but that’s what a good meal out should be like.

The drink options were a little limited – I went for white wine and split a bottle (or two!) with my mum but I sampled one of their cocktails and to be honest, it wasn’t up to much.

The restaurant is quite expensive with the set menu coming in on average around £30 a head, Wasabisabi is on the higher end of the pricing scale for this student city but it’s definitely worth every penny.

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