What happened to dogs being dogs?*

Real dogs
Alfie and I are joining the Wagg campaign for real dogs! There’s nothing worse than seeing dogs being pushed in pushchairs (they have legs!), dogs in clothes (Christmas is the only time this is acceptable!) and pooches that are too posh. I like dogs to be dogs – muddy walkies then shaking all over the cream walls when you get home, wolfing down dinner and then licking your face all over!

Here’s the Wagg video to explain a little more…

Luckily for me, Alfie is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – a classic lapdog but with the energy of a Spring Spaniel which means we can cuddle on the sofa snoozing for hours but we could equally go on a five mile walk involving exploring in bushes, jumping in streams and rolling in goodness knows what – although the less of that the better. Although we do really spoil him – he sleeps in our bed, my boyfriend takes him to work with him, and he gets away with being naughty because he’s so cute – we love the fact that he barks, shakes, rolls and runs.

See – I can’t even get him to pose properly for a picture? And he DEFINITELY does not have his own Instagram account (although he makes plenty of appearances on mine)!

Alfie got sent a bag of Wagg’s Chicken and Veg complete food and he’s been eating it for his breakfast every day for the past couple of weeks. He’s really enjoying it…but he is pretty greedy and doesn’t turn his cold little nose up at much! Not only is it tasty but the Wagg food is also good for your dog and contains everything they need to stay in great condition. These biscuits contain added antioxidant vitamins and citrus extracts for a strong immune system and Omega 6 and 3 for healthy skin and a healthy coat.

Wagg dog food
So take the pledge to let your dog be a real dog and let me know all about your four legged best friend in the comments below!

Find out more about Wagg, their campaign for real dogs and their dog food here.

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