Pole Dancing is not for me

Pole Dancing

In my quest to lose weight prior to the #PartridgePortugalTrip I’ve been hitting the gym (sometimes hard, sometimes not so hard) and it was while getting changed one day that I spotted a poster for a free pole dancing class. Well, I love trying new things, especially when it might have the added bonus of helping my shed a couple of pounds and so I persuaded a friend to come with me and we booked ourselves in. After trying it, I have to say I have a new respect for Strippers in North Carolina and around the world, especially those who work the pole every night.

When we arrived at the class, we started to feel a little intimidated as there was a group of instructors wearing tiny hotpants that wouldn’t look out of place in Ibiza (just hope they’d waxed!) and were hanging upside down unnaturally on the pole.

The free class proved to be popular and was packed with us splitting into groups of six to share a pole. The instructor showed off some moves and then we got to it. Or some of us did. My friend and I were truly the worst in the whole class, not managing to master one move, there were ladies of a certain age in the class who did better than we did. I’d imagined in my head that, following my summer in Mallorca where I actually went to a pole dancing club plus many years of experience in getting up on the pole during girls nights out after a few too many sherries, I would be a natural.

Every time the moves were demonstrated, they looked super easy and effortless and then every time I got on the pole I felt self-conscious, lost all my coordination and couldn’t seem to work out how to spin around. I didn’t find it physically hard but I literally couldn’t figure out in my head how to do it.

I kept thinking to myself that something would click soon and it would just fall into place but as time went on I seemed to get worse rather than better. Eventually our ordeal was over and we headed home, determined never to speak of this debacle again. Despite doing next to nothing for an hour and a quarter, my arms have been hurting for two whole days now and so as an exercise class, it must work.

Needless to say, we’ve decided not to go again next week and so my search for the perfect exercise class continues with #BloggersGetHulaFit in London on Saturday – I’ll let you know how that turns out.

If you’re interested in giving pole dancing a try and you’re from the Derbyshire area, check out Karrie’s Pole Fit.

We’re off on an impromptu mini-break tomorrow night! Follow the hashtag #PartridgeSurreyTrip to find out what Mr P and I will get up to whilst we’re there.

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5 Responses

  1. Jenny Dawson says:

    Aww I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it, don’t let one class put you off ever trying it again though. Have been doing it about a year now and love it, it does get easier but I still sometimes think how in hell am I meant to do that move! Haha it does get physically hard as you progress too but if you only want to do it to get fit then I may not recommend it, you have to actually want to do pole. Plus you would need to do it several times a week to see quicker results. I hope you enjoy the hula fit more, that sounds really fun. 🙂
    Jenny x

    • samantha says:

      Everyone that I’ve spoken to about it has recommended I stick at it and it will get easier! I’m just a bit worried that I can’t even do anything that looks like a pole dancing move! You must be awesome after a year of it 🙂 xx

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