How to plan the perfect sightseeing holiday

For me there are two types of holiday – the beach break and the sightseeing holiday. A beach break takes pretty much no planning – you may decide to wander around the local town and explore the local beaches but you take it day by day. For a sightseeing holiday, on the other hand, I like to plan out an itinerary to make the most of my time there are to see everything that I want to. Here are my top tips for planning your perfect sightseeing holiday…

Travel planning

Travel notebook

It’s really important to write down everything you want to see (and your day to day itinerary if you want to plan your trip out to that extent) so that you don’t forget anything. You may want to start using the notebook before your trip to plan your budget. I’m busying planning for our January trip to Australia so I’ll be writing down the whole itinerary for our trip including where we’re staying on what dates and what I’d like to do there.

Travel notebook
I was sent this gorgeous Christian Lacroix Voyage Journal from interiors website* and I have to say I’m more than a little bit in love with it. It’s absolutely beautiful – more like a piece of art than a notebook – and celebrates five cities across the world – Rome (been!), Mumbai, Rio De Janeiro, Mexico City and Los Angeles (on my wishlist!). There are pop up pages for each city – a design of the Commedia del’Arte theatre, two lovers separated by the hands of time and pop-up carnivals like The Day of the Dead, plus a Spin the Dial and Take a Chance interactive design. Basically, it’s incredible – almost too nice to write in!



For every city that I go to, I always buy the DK Eyewitness Travel Pocket Map & Guide. These are usually pretty comprehensive and tend to break the city down by areas with key things to see in each area and fits nicely in any backpack or bag as it’s quite small (although not quite pocket-sized as the name would suggest!). But the very best thing about this guide is the pull out map – I put a cross by every attraction I want to visit and then plan my route for each day based on that.

Pinterest boards

Before I travel I love to read everything I can about where I’ll be visiting and Pinterest is a good place to curate all this content. I create a board for each trip and then pin everything I can find both on Pinterest and on the web to that board. Then, once I get a spare couple of hours, I go through every post and note down all the things I’d like to do. The best kinds of posts for me are the “Free things to do in…” or “How to spend 24 hours in…”.

What are your top tips for planning a sightseeing holiday? Let me know in the comments!

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