My top tips for planning a perfect road trip*

road trip
In a couple of weeks we are going to Padstow in Cornwall with my boyfriend’s family and I can’t wait. I’ve never been before and by all accounts it’s great – beautiful beaches, lots of pottering around and delicious food – the perfect staycation. It’s quite a long way to go in the car (about 6 hours in total!) so we’ll need to make sure we’ve got a good plan for surviving the journey. Here are some top tips if you’re planning your own road trip…

Plenty of drinks and snacks

Make sure you’re all stocked up for the journey with water, sweets and snacks to keep your energy levels up. If you’re travelling in summer it’s best to bring a cool box to keep things chilled.

Some good tunes

Luckily for me, my boyfriend is the owner of a record shop so he’s pretty handy with a mix tape. Keep it lively to keep your attention focused. If you’re more of a literary type, an audio book is great for long journeys.

Plan your petrol stops

I’m a “wing it” kind of girl when it comes to petrol – there have been several occasions when it’s been right down to the wire but (touch wood) I’ve never run out. I usually wait until the red light comes on before I fill up but to save yourself some stress if you’re planning a road trip (especially if you’re not on the motorway much) you should check the petrol stops on your route and plan where you need to fill up.

I prefer paying at the pump so I can be back on my way but you can time your stops to coincide with when you’ll need a little rest, stretch your legs and maybe even grab yourself some food. Think yourself lucky – when people first started driving fuel was distributed in cans by train!

Don’t forget to stay safe at the pumps – this can easily slip your mind when you’re rushing and thinking about your upcoming holiday. We even saw two men smoking outside on the forecourt in Portugal! This #PetrolInThePast eBook from independent brokers Forum Insurance gives you some tips for keeping safe while you fill up.

Check your car before you travel

The thing that could REALLY ruin a road trip is your car breaking down so you’ll want to make sure you’ve checked your car thoroughly before setting off. Oil, water and tyre pressure should all be checked as well as your screenwash, even if you’ve recently had a service or MOT. If you’re going on a long journey it also might be worth taking out breakdown cover just in case.

Clean the car

Just as I do my own holiday prep (shave my legs, fake tan, get my nails done, etc), it’s nice to give your car a little treat too! Hoover and clean the inside – the cordless Dyson is a godsend for this and I tend to dust first before I wipe everywhere. For the outside I tend to just take mine to the petrol station as I don’t have an outside tap and my parking space is quite far from my house.

And you’re ready to go! Where are you roadtripping to this summer? Let me know in the comments below!

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    […] meaningful. If you have an opportunity to take a road trip by car or by motorcycle, be sure to plan ahead to avoid any drama along the way. This way, you can spend more of your time enjoying what you […]

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