On the Hunt

Yesterday it was 3 degrees outside. Yes, that’s right, 3 degrees. It must be the coldest it’s been all year but luckily for me, I had nothing to do outside…apart from take my dog for a walk. Last year, I got a pair of purple Hunter wellies for Christmas and they are absolutely perfect for frozen days like this when the grass is all churned up, muddy and wet. They keep your feet perfectly dry and are comfortable and easy to walk in.

Welly socks, £17, Hunter
This year I was treated to the welly socks that roll over the top of the wellies. These are great as not only do they keep your feet extra snug but they also look countryside cool (think labradors and shot guns). I teamed my wellies and socks with patterned woolly leggings, my Topshop hat with ears and my ski coat (incidentally, I have never even seen a ski, never mind hit the slopes). Fashion AND function! I’m also thinking of wearing my wellies and socks to Creamfields if I get to go this summer (please, boyf, pleeeeeeease!) in Kate Moss at Glastonbury style!

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